1. andyrlb

    SOLD monoblocks x2

    I really need to let these go now as I have too many amps i can use and these are way too good for a second system or even worse sat in my cupboard where they are now . Surely at £300 ( £150 each ) they represent a bargain. They are a matched pair ( a left and a right) Some have said they...
  2. andyrlb

    For Sale 1980’s/90’s DIY quality monoblocks ( reduced)

    £300 the pair ( not splitting , yes someone asked ) Up for grabs again are these industrial design monoblocks Unique matched pair ( left and right ) rated at 100w each Caps on the amp board replaced with quality caps of equal value. Large Philips can caps tested within tolerance. These don’t...
  3. Juancho

    For Sale New Monoblocks Using Radford sta100 circuit and Radford Transformers

    Your chance to own a very unique pair of monoblocks built with the Radford sta 100 circuit. These beauties pump out 100 watts a channel and will drive pretty much anything. These are signature amps with a lot of foo inside including F and T and Audyn true copper caps. They are point to point...
  4. andyrlb

    SOLD DIY monoblocks ( reduced )

    As my new speakers like a lot of power these matched pair ( left and right ) 80’s build monoblocks are up for grabs. Personally I like the industrial look but I understand that some won’t like them. Some have said they could be monoblock versions of the musical fidelity p170 , others have said...
  5. T

    Wanted WANTED - Mark Levinson 33 or 33H Amplifiers

    Looking for a set of these wonderful amps! Missed out on an immaculate pair of 33Hs last year that came with original shipping crates etc for £7k If anyone is tempted to part with theirs, please do get in touch!
  6. robbie010

    Albarry M1008 Monoblock Power Amplifiers

    Up for grabs here are my Albarry M1008 Monoblock power amplifiers. These scarcely come up for sale so an opportunity here to own these beauties. I haven’t owned these long but unfortunately, they are a miss-match with my Audio Research pre-amp and in the end I’ve decided to stick with the pre...
  7. S

    Musical Fidelity KWP and KW1000 for sale

    I have finally been pushed to move on my beloved Musical Fidelity KWP/KW1000 Tri-Vista system. It comprises the much rated KWP preamp with a separate powersupply and two KW1000 monoblocks with their own powersupply. This is 1 of only 50 units ever built and I would possibly claim that this was...
  8. Elite Audio

    Gato Audio PWR-222 Gets "Outstanding Product" Review

    Gato Audio PWR-222 Monoblock Amplifiers, RRP: £11,180 Ken Kessler of Hi-Fi News recently got his hands on the Gato Audio PWR-222 Monoblock Amplifiers. After a thorough review and a lab test from Editor Paul Miller, the Class D amplifiers were given the "Outstanding Product" award.  The full...
  9. O

    Roksan Caspian M1 Series Dual Mono Pre Amplifier and pair of Caspian Mono Block power amps

    Rare opportunity to purchase a Caspian M Series Dual Mono Pre-amplifier and a pair of matching Roksan Caspian M1 Mono Block Power Amplifiers. I have owned the equipment from new. It is in immaculate condition, coming from a pet and smoke free home and installed in a custom made rack. (The rack...
  10. andreweast

    VAC Auricle Musicblocs, 70W Monoblock Valve Amplifiers

    VAC Auricle Musicbloc Valve monoblock amplifiers. Fully serviced, and boxed, in superb condition. £1550 plus postage or collected from SE London.Wonderful sounding 70W per channel valve monos designed to get the clarity of 300B amps with the power and authority of KT88s. These can use KT88...