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    Valves - ECC82 quad set of Mullard 1960s ‘old logo’

    4 x ECC82 as a matched quad of Mullard 1960s ‘old logo’ £95 for the set, including mainland uk postage. Payment by bank transfer please. This is a quad set of NOS valves of identical construction, in their original inner and outer Mullard packaging. A couple of the boxes are a little scruffy...
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    Mullard ECC83 and Sylvania 12AD7

    For sale a pair of white label Mullard ECC83/12AX7 and a pair of Sylvania 12AD7 that both came with my Concordant Exhilarant. I don't have a tester but they are low noise and sounding strong. Excellent sounding valves both: the Mullards have great midrange and the Sylvanias more PRaT / kick...