musical fidelit

  1. Clubsport911

    SOLD Mint, boxed Musical Fidelity X-A200 Monoblocks

    Sorry folks:- Struggling to upload pictures... please PM me for crisp, large images. Mint - loved and cherished. These 2 off Musical Fidelity Monoblock amps are in perfect working order. I've owned since new and really looked after them. They sound... well like nothing really - exactly what a...
  2. lewis

    Musical Fidelity A100 Amplifier.

    Musical Fidelity A100 Amplifier. Is this a collector's item? The amplifier is in good working order and sound very good. There are a few small chips in the paint on the top but otherwise it's good. MM and MC phono input. When it's on you can hear the fans working but you always could. I...