1. limbok

    For Sale NAIM Unitiqute 2 - fully serviced, better than new!

    NAIM Audio Unitiqute 2 - All-in one music system. Serviced in November 2023. Includes all original accessories, remote, manuals and box. In immaculate condition and is better than it was new as it has had a replacement OLED screen, caps, diodes etc as part of the service (paper work included...
  2. D

    For Sale Uniti Naim Atom | Brand New

    We're moving house shortly and, as I already have a main system, this must go. It was purchased from HifiSound in Stockton, in perfect condition with box, leads and documentation. Impulse buy for our kitchen but our new home is smaller and no room for two systems. Any questions, just ask. £1250
  3. Gidders

    NAP 250 with Phoenix + Dragon Newts

    A couple of months ago I was speaking with John Jackson aka JJ about improving the amplification of my system without swapping my 2 x 250s for 4 x 135s - I didn't want to increase the box count. My 250s have already been upgraded with the addition of Avondale HCR200 power regulators & John's...
  4. Gidders

    SOLD Naim SL2s - excellent condition

    Rare opportunity to acquire a pair of these fantastic speakers (only 349 pairs ever made). In excellent condition throughout including the foam grills. I have been using the speakers active but the passive crossovers are included & are fully tested & working. Also incudes Owners manual, full...
  5. jusphish

    SOLD Naim NAP 250 DR Power Amplifier

    Selling my absolutely pristine NAP 250DR power amplifier from Naim Audio. This is a 2015 model, original DR from the factory. Purchased on PFM from a meticulous and knowledgeable owner - this amplifier has been very well cared for. Includes: original Naim box and packaging with matching serial...
  6. jusphish

    SOLD Naim NAP 250-2 Power Amplifier

    For sale is my Naim NAP 250-2 power amplifier. Second owner, never a problem, sounds rich and beautiful. Produced in 2014. Includes all original accessories from Naim: box with inserts and matching serial number manual mains cable 2 speaker plugs XLR to DIN cable. It is warm and powerful...
  7. AudioSatori

    For Sale Naim NAP 140 chrome bumper - Recapped and upgraded

    For sale is my NAP 140 power amplifier, it has been fully recapped and upgraded as per I've been using it with a non-Naim pre and I disabled the 24V supply (I can resolder this connection if required) The NAC 72 pre amp is also available but is currently not working and needs...
  8. D

    SOLD Naim NAC 72 / NAP 140

    I’m looking for a Naim 72 / 140 combo. Must be in good cosmetic condition. I’m based in Warwickshire but happy to travel a couple of hours each way. Please reply or PM me if you have anything. Regards, Kieran
  9. L

    For Sale:Naim ndx2 almost new (SOLD)

    Bought it from authorized dealer in the end of 2020.Less than two weeks use and everything new with the original film cover.Upgrade to new streaming player to sell it. Price:£3800,rtp:£5200 My location is in Cambridge.Welcome to try  listening and buy.Thanks.
  10. Antz Davis

    My system at Home - NAIM, Linn & B & W

    morning ALL just joined the forum, should of done this some time ago, I was never in the old Linn forum but have been a member of the NAIM forum for a number of years History when I got my first part time job at school the first purchase was a music system - Technics in those days late...
  11. J

    Naim Nac a5 Speaker Cable 5m

    Naim Nac a5 Speaker cable, 5m in length, so above the min 3.5m recommended and within the optimum 5-10m.  They have been terminated by Sevenoaks Sound & Vision with banana plugs at the speaker end and the newer, smaller, straight Naim plugs at the Amp end. The Naim plugs casing can be...
  12. captain_norbs

    SOLD: Hypex Ncore NC502 500W Stereo Power Amp in Black

    This one is built to a very high standard by a friend using the specific Ghent case for the build and upgraded cable harness. This is the stereo NC500 version and puts out an extraordinary amount of clean power. I have a custom set of cables made for use with a Naim Pre Amp to the XLR inputs...
  13. D

    ISO Acoustic Pucks

    Hi has anyone have any experience of the ISO Acoustic Pucks, I am thinking of getting a set for my ATC SCM19 speakers. Please feedback your positive and negative views. Many thanks
  14. crxvtec

    SOLD: Naim Powerline audiophile power cable

    Naim Powerline UK plug in excellent condition. Comes with original metal box, inlay and sleeve as shown. £375+postage. Located in Hampstead, London NW3.
  15. Gidders

    New Hifi Day - Naim SL2 Aktiv Exakt

    You may have seen that I've been running SBLs aktiv with a Linn ADSM/Exaktbox digital crossover & DAC/2 x Naim 250s and loving the transformation which I described as having seven league boots on compared to my Naim Snaxo active . But when a pair of SL2s came up at the right price it was an...
  16. M

    FS Naim NAC92/NAP90 MF v-DAC II

    i have for sale a NAC92 which is actually a converted NAIT3 pre amp and NAP90 power including the Naim connecting cable. pre is fitted with MC ‘K' phono boards. the conversion from integrated to power is an official mod as there were blank link plugs with ‘refer to manual’ on the rear as the...
  17. MarkLith

    FS: NACA5 (white 2x4m) with Naim Plugs & Banana c/w 4 x Naim plug spares £125 ONO

    FS: NACA5 (white 2x4m) with Naim Plugs & Banana c/w 4 x Naim plug spares £125 ONO The title pretty much says it all, 2 x 4m lengths of white NACA5 with Naim plugs soldered on one end and banana plugs on the other. There are also 4 x spare Naim plugs Collection from near Banbury preferred...
  18. MarkLith

    FS: Naim Stageline N £245 ONO with 5/4 interconnect

    FS: Naim Stageline N £245 with 5/4 interconnect Suitable for MM or, as I have been using it, good for a high output MC cartridge such as the Dynavector 10X5. An immaculate little box and comes with a 5/4 interconnect that I used to connect to my Supernait (that's also for sale here) but it...
  19. MarkLith

    FS: Naim Flatcap c/w SNAIC5 £225 ONO

    FS: Naim Flatcap £225 Along with my CD3.5 here I'm selling my Flatcap with SNAIC5.  Although they are listed separately, I would be happy to sell them as a pair for £50 cheaper at £450. The FlatCap is in very good condition, comes with the manual and is packed in the original box. Collection...
  20. MarkLith

    FS: Naim CD3.5 £275 ONO (£450 with Flatcap)

    FS: Naim CD3.5 £275 (£450 with FlatCap) Working down the stack now as more items come up for sale.  This time it's Naim's ever-popular workhorse of a CD Player, my CD3.5. It will come packed in the original box with Remote Control, Manual & spare puck.  The spare puck comes with a health...