now sold.

  1. garn63

    Blues Albums : 6 Lps. NOW SOLD.

    6 Albums.  John Mayall-Blues from Laurel Canyon+ The Turning Point.  Peter Green-Little Dreamer.  Ten Years After-Goin Home.  George Thorogood-George Thorogood.  Jimmy McGriff & Junior Parker-Good things dont happen every day.   £30 + postage. Cheers. M.
  2. garn63

    Kralk Black Cats - BC-30. NOW SOLD

    For sale:  Kralk Black Cats (bc-30) in perfect condition.  Real wood veneer in satin black.  Well made little speaker with LS3/5 dimensions. They are easy to drive (89db) and would suit valve or Roksan/Brio sounding class D amplification for a nice pairing.  Can be placed near to the back wall...