1. Cool Dude Ted

    Bose Solo 15 Soundstage (soundbar) - replace optical input?

    Morning all, My sister has the above kit, although I’ve never seen it (she doesn’t live near me). I’m told (and have checked on line) that the Bose has the following inputs; co-ax, optical, twin RCA.  Now, somehow, the optical input on the Bose has been ‘pushed in’ to the point that you can’t...
  2. grahamfocal

    Wtd: glass fibre toslink to mini toslink

    As title, glass fibre optic cable required, toslink to mini toslink, to be used with my chord mojo, so doesn't have to be long half a metre is fine. Max £25 Inc post please.
  3. d_a_n1979

    Fiio D3 DAC + optical cable

    Got this a few months ago brand new via Amazon, no longer required as I've moved to an active set-up for my Mac Comes boxed, with the USB cable and comes with an optical to mini-optical cable as well (ideal for computer/Mac connection etc) £25 inc delivery, payment via BT please...