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    SOLD: Origin Live Enterprise C Tonearm with Cable

    Origin Live Enterprise C Tonearm for sale (standard 9.5" model). I purchased this arm brand new in 2016 so I am the original owner. The arm and cable is in absolutely mint condition and perfect working order and has only been used lightly. The latest version of the Enterprise arm (Mk4...
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    Origin Live Resolution III turntable WITH 9" ARM BOARD

    Origin Live Resolution III turntable to be sold with 9" arm mounting board. NO ARM - this has been sold separately. The TT is current specification with balanced outboard ('upgrade') transformer, new DC motor with four times the torque of the original one, and the temperature stability...
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    Systemdek iix 900

    Systemdek iix 900 TT has been veneered in oak so looks very good. I've replaced the AC motor with the Advanced Origin Live DC motor kit http://www.originlive.com/dc-motor-kit/turntable-motor-linn-thorens.html £300 cash on collection only Untitled by The Biglebowski, on Flickr Untitled by...
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    SOLD Origin Live Resolution MK2 Turntable

    Nice condition with upgraded  motor and transformer + new belt.  Original boxes. Rarely available s/h, was c £2500 when new, latest model now c £3300, asking SOLD Enquiries/pics by PM please.
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    Re foaming the surrounds on Focal TD90K tweeters.

    Re foaming the surrounds on Focal TD90K tweeters? I have in my possession some Origin Live Sovereign speakers on 'permanent loan' from Rick. Until recently they were working very nicely thank you and with the right amp sang away quite nicely. Unfortunately the tweeter surrounds have failed...