1. FredH

    Rothwell SUT vs Headamp

    Greetings from NYC, I recently purchased a Simplex MM phono stage and am quite pleased with it.  I am considering giving MC a go, but am not sure if I should start out with the Headspace or MC1 or just make the leap to the MCL.  I realize that my decision would be based largely on what cart I...
  2. A

    SOLD: Channel D Seta L Phono Preamp + RIAA Module + Pure Vinyl 5 Recording Software

    The Channel D phono preamp plus Pure Vinyl 5 software provides the very best solution for recording vinyl records at 192KHz/24bit. For those that aren't familiar with this equipment, it has consistently, year on year, appeared in Stereophile's high end category 'A' recommended list of phono...
  3. Junaman

    SOLD: Allnic H1500 II Plus / KR Audio Riccardo Kron Anniversary

    For sale is my Allnic H1500 II Plus phono stage, upgraded with the KR Audio Riccardo Kron Anniversary 5U4G rectifier tube.  I have just bought a pre-owned Tom Evans Master Groove Mark II and now have four phono stages, so reluctantly selling the H1500 to make room and maintain domestic harmony...
  4. creamegg

    Phono stage for a Sony PS-X7 turntable

    I'm new to the world of vinyl and need some advice on connecting a Sony PS-X7 turntable to my Naim Nait XS. It's fitted with a Nagaoka MP11 cartridge. What would be a suitable external phono stage? I'm intending to buy a used one.  
  5. Dkdavid

    whest ps30rdt Phono Stage MM/MC

    Hi All Up for sale is my Whest PS30 RDT, Phonostage, bought a little while ago for my adventure back into vinyl, as I though I prefer the convenience of streaming now, so this has been lying dormant for the last few months, seems a shame so time to let some one else enjoy it. I am not sure how...
  6. manisandher

    World Designs Phono3 XL & PSU3

    £419 & £20 shipping. In 'as new' condition - hardly used. Here is my World Designs Phono3 (XL version) and PSU3 (with upgraded caps), which I've owned from new, both professionally built by Matthew Snell himself. This particular unit if configured for 47k Ohms and 220pF, so suitable for...
  7. M

    EAR 834P phonostage

    Looking to buy a EAR 834P phono stage. moltu
  8. D

    Whest Audio TWO Phonostage

    FOR SALE Whest Audio TWO Dual Mono Phono stage with off board PSU. Fantastic sound considering budget. Phono pre in excellent condition and complete with operating manual. £425 (based in Lancashire) REVIEW
  9. S

    Michell Delphini and Separate PSU

    I have an early Delphini (chassis #006) and matching power supply (chassis #070) which I am looking to part with after a recent upgrade. Both items in excellent nick. Be sad to see them go as they have been enjoyable company for quite a few years now... The units have not been messed with and...