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    Superseded, do not reply: Posselt Albatross. See fresh clean ad

    Fresh clean ad:
  2. TheFlash

    Teak Posselt Albatross - job done!

    Some of you will recall my excitement at buying Manny's teak Posselt Albatross for my Kendal pad, my sheer luck at picking up an additional one owner gloss black pair while waiting to audition the teak ones, and my disappointment at realising the black ones sounded substantially better than the...
  3. TheFlash

    Sugden ANV-50 and/or Posselt Albatross with special guests Pass Labs XA60.8, Border Patrol 300B, Spendor Classic 200 and pimped Dalis

    Let me say it myself: TL;DR. The impatient can fast forward to the pics and then rewind to the text to work out what the hell is going on. ________ I'm still faffing around with with my Kendal set-up in the aftermath of my short-lived Boenicke W8 ownership and the unwinding of that. A brief...