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  1. B

    Daisy Chaining LK Power Amps

    Hi, I am new to Linn power amps. I've just bought a 2nd hand LK85 for my system and am loving how it has improved the SQ. I have been trying to find out more info about how I would go about doubling up and using two......so I have some questions. 1 - If I add another (with the output from...
  2. sunbeamgls

    ROTEL RB-850 Stereo Power Amp ***SOLD***

    Rotel's classic RB-850 Power Amp in black, renowned for sound quality and robustness. A dual-mono design with toroidal transformer. Can be used stereo or bridged into a mono amp of twice the power. Very good condition - one mark on top edge and one on rear corner. Please see pictures. Fully...
  3. A

    SOLD: Aesthetix Atlas Stereo Signature Power Amp

    For sale is my Aesthetix Atlas Signature Stereo power amplifier, in mint condition and perfect working order. I've owned my Atlas Signature version, with black faceplate, from new and have only used on an occasional basis. The amp has always been protected by a dust cover when not in use, so...
  4. bencat

    XTZ Class-AP100 Stereo Power Amplifier anyone ?

    Some days I wonder about my state of mind but then again no real reason why I should change now just because I have got older. While browsing through e-bay as you do came across a sale of this power amp which shows as being 50 Watt Class A (slightly sceptical about this ) and 110 Watt class A/B...
  5. M

    SOLD: Abrahamsen V3.0 Preamplifier + V4.0 Power Amplifier

    I have decided to part with my Abrahamsen amplification. Bought in December 2015, it has served me for a few years, until I moved onto a completely different type of amplifier. The amplification consists of an Abrahamsen V3.0 UP Preamplifier and one V4.0 UP stereo Power Amplifier. I am not...
  6. bencat

    Yet another thread from me asking for help

    Well around 09.20 on Sunday I blew up not one but two Quad 405 amps which while they still show the power light on no sound is coming out . No idea why or how . They will need to go for repair . In the mean time this means my spare room where I have my PC the Digital active system is not going...
  7. incognito73

    Dual Mono Hypex NC500 Power Amp

    Custom built Hypex NC500 power amplifier to the highest standards.    It's dual mono edition with single NC500 and SMPS1200 per channel encapsulated in single enclosure. High quality signal and speaker interconnects throughout with careful placement and routing with ferrite cores at...
  8. D

    Cyrus Stereo 200 in black, boxed SOLD

    Selling my immaculate Cyrus Stereo 200. Had it for 2 years and loved it, but have upgraded so time to move it on.  It’s fully double boxed and comes with cables and manual.  Located in Bristol, will post at cost or happy for collection or maybe a part-way meet.  £800 ono plus postage at cost. 
  9. E

    Karan kai 180 linked to a kas 180

    Hi there, Can anyone tell me if there is anyway of using a kai 180 and a kas180 together to bi-amp as there does not seem to be pre out on the kai??  There is a record out that won' work due to a set volume I've read!!! Is there a way of turning the rec out into a pre out at all or daisy chain...
  10. S

    DAC pre-amp

    Hello! I'm returning to hifi after many years out in the Navy.  Not much space for separates on a warship... I have zero budget so doing this on a shoestring.  I have all the components, second hand, and would appreciate your advice on setup, including cabling and configuration, optimisation...
  11. andreweast

    Croft Series 7 Power Amp

    Croft Series 7. Already a classic, 45W Mosfet/Valve Hybrid Power Amp. £430 plus postage (RRP £770). Collection welcome from SE London.A lovely design that has a naturalism which eludes many more expensive power amps. Some prefer the unregulated to the regulated version. It is quite system...
  12. khapahk

    Graaf 5050 power amplifier

    I need to have a “spring clean” and there will a number of items coming up for sale shortly ! I have owned this for about seven years, having bought it from Jerry (Jandl100) and it has proved to be an excellent amplifier However changes to my system has meant that it has been "relegated" to...
  13. M

    Classe CA-300 Power amp

    Apparently Canada's answer to Krell Audio, the Classe CA-300 certainly looks the part, and weighs it too. £2250 or near offer This Power amp was driving Wharfedale Opus 2-3 floorstanders as the front end of a good friends AV setup until he passed away late last year, his widow has asked me to...
  14. sunbeamgls

    ***SOLD***LINN AV5125 5 Channel Power Amp. Black. Mint. Boxed

    Now SOLD. Thanks LINN AV5125 5 channel power amp for sale Black Mint condition Boxed (an original Linn AV5125 box but not with matching serial number) 575gbp plus postage and insurance at cost (I won't post without insurance). Could be collected at Scalford. Note - any marks showing on...
  15. S

    Krell FPB300c Stereo Power Amp

    Selling a Krell FPB300c. 300wpc into 8 ohms and 600wpc into 4 ohms. Excellent condition and with original packaging. If not too familiar with the particular Krell series and model, review below pretty much covers it: http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/krell_fpb300c.htm Based in Dublin. I...
  16. Audiologica

    Primare A34.2 - titanium - ex-demo

    Primare A34.2 power amplifier - ex-demo in titanium and black finish - RRP £1750, selling at £1350 - Primare A34.2 at Audiologica, high power yet controlled refinement are the hallmarks of the Primare A34.2, it will tame almost any loudspeaker with ease...
  17. Concerto Audio

    Analog Domain Isis integrated and Isis power amps

    It was with pleasure that I undressed these beasts exposing its curves, knobes and silky body No "time of the month" issues, mood swings and headaches Analog Domain will entertain you 24/7 Satisfaction guaranteed Have a demo and take one home Home demo available
  18. T

    Classe Audio CA-2300 Power Amp

    Hi all, Looking to move my Classe CA-2300 on to free some money up out of my system. Its a fantastic amp (in my humble opinion), and powerful too with 300W into 8 ohms and 600W into 4 ohms. I have had this for a couple of years, but I believe it is around 4-5 years old. It is a Canadian made...
  19. P

    Primare Pre60 / A60 Experiences

    I've had a Primare Pre60 / A60 set on home demo for the last two weeks. My own setup is a Cyrus DAC-XP+ and StreamX v2 into a pair of Anthem Statement M1 monos, and driving Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grands. The change is significant as I knew it would be, I've been looking to replace the...
  20. M

    Naim Nap 150 power amp

    Naim Nap 150 power amp. 100% working order and perfect condition. £275. With original box/packaging/manual, Naim snaic lead, and power cable. This fine power amplifier has been totally reliable, barely gets hot, performs flawlessly, it is in perfect cosmetic condition - not a mark on it. An...