power supply

  1. E

    For Sale Well Tempered Simplex/Dynavector xx2/Simaudio Moon Neo310LP Rig

    My DAC has expired and I need to raise funds to replace it. So this is a deeply reluctant sale of my beloved Well Tempered Simplex Mk1/Dynavector xx2 front end with Neo 310LP phonostage, Cardas Iridium phono cables, MCRU linear power supply and bespoke acrylic dust cover. Cost today for this...
  2. A

    SOLD Ferrum Hypsos Power Supply

    For sale is my Ferrum Hypsos power supply. Comes boxed with supplied accessories, i.e. documentation and DC to DC Power Cable (5.5 x 2.5 mm, 50cm length). Is in mint condition, without defects. Currently set to 24V out for Ferrum ORR headphone amp but can be configured to suit your individual...
  3. DomT

    With great thanks to this forum I bought….

    …. I just wanted to say a big thank you to the various people on this forum who have been a big help in informing me, suggesting new things, and encouraging me in finding some new kit. These thank yous are specifically because without this forum I probably would not have embraced streaming the...
  4. Tintinabulum

    (Sold) AUDIOPHONICS LPSU25 Linear Regulated Low Noise Power Supply USB 220V to 5V 2A 25VA

    One of these-https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/hifi-power-supply/audiophonics-lpsu25-linear-regulated-low-noise-power-supply-usb-115v-to-5v-2a-25va-p-12581.html I've got rather too many power supplies. Fun but... £65 delivered. No leads (presume you would use you own flavour, could throw...
  5. A

    Linn Akurat Kontrol

    Hi, I'm a newcomer, so hi everyone reading this. I wonder if anyone would be able to advise on power supply replacement for an older type Akurat Kontrol, the one with surround and phono. Would a Unidisk SC or Classik Movie power supply (non Dynamik) work as replacement or are they not identical...
  6. Gidders

    FS: Linn LP12 Valhalla Power Supply

    In very good condition with no signs of component burn or leaking capacitors. Complete with LED switch & original mains lead. Only two years use from 1988-90 when it was removed from my LP12 which was fitted with a Lingo power supply. Connected up at my dealers (06/04/19) and confirmed...
  7. Elite Audio

    sPS-500 Launch Completes SOtM's Newest Trio

    RRP: £550 SOtM have officially launched their brand-new power supply, the sPS-500. It joins their latest components, the sMS-200Ultra Mini Network Player and tX-USBUltra USB Hub and Regenerator, completing the brand's "ultra trio".  With special noise removing technology, the sPS-500 is a...
  8. Elite Audio

    New External Power Supply Upgrade From Densen

    The cleverly named 1NRG (One Energy) is Densen’s latest external power supply unit. The component offers a significant upgrade to hi-fi systems, with a dynamic musical output. Densen have been developing and exclusively using their own power supply capacitors for several years. The 1NRG has...
  9. graham67

    Loricraft PSU401

    Barely used Loricraft PSU401 in fantastic condition, which I bought from the original owner KevinF from this parish. He used it for about 13 hours in a study(!) system,  I used it for about the same timespan on account of already having a power regenerator.  Although this Loricraft PSU is...
  10. wHIZZY

    DC3 12v Quality Linear Power Supply

    12Volt, 5Amp Reference Level DC Voltage Power Supply with CHC-REG linear regulator board and 5 amp booster module. Uses high quality components throughout, including 'Nichicon Gold Tune' capacitors. I have sold my Innuos Zen Vortexbox, so now no longer have a use for the this high...
  11. M

    Naim Hicap DR Power supply

    Naim Hicap DR power supply in great condition. £750 + postage or collect - Buckinghamshire. 07920 209207
  12. M

    Naim Hicap DR

    Hicap DR sn329--- Excellent condition, sounds great! With snaic. £725 + postage. 07920 209207.