1. W

    SOLD Wireworld Matrix UK 6 Way Power distribution hub v2 - £ Reduced

    Bought new by me from TomTomAudio. Perfect condition, see this link for detailed specs and lots of good reviews: https://www.futureshop.co.uk/wireworld-matrix-uk-6-way-power-hub-v2 Star-Wired, Six 13A high quality outlets, Oxygen-Free Copper wiring, DeoxIT Gold treated. Postage in UK...
  2. W

    SOLD Power Inspired AG1500 Mains Regenerator

    (My first sale on the wam so please comment if I've got anything wrong or missing with this post - cheers) - I'm upgrading my mains supply so I have my AG 1500 for sale. Bought new by me direct from Power Inspired a few years ago and in vgc. This version has a single AC outlet which you can...
  3. Patu

    FS: Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM136 Power Filter / Purifier *SOLD*

    About one month old unit in perfect condition. I liked what it does to sound quality in my system but I've decided to keep the setup simple and avoid raising box count at this point. Three pieces of Puritan power cables I also ordered are staying in my system. The unit comes with five year...
  4. ziggy47

    Quad QMP Mono Power Amps

    Selling my pair of Quad QMP mono power amps. Fantastic condition and sound. Only used for approximately a year with very light use. Only selling as they are far too powerful for my new room and speakers. These pump out 250 watts into 8 ohms, so can drive any speakers. Connections are by XLR, RCA...
  5. X

    think faulty power extension just blew my Linn Majik - I

     Hi,  So a second hand Linn Majik - I, arrived today for my Linn Keilidh / Linn Majik I - / Sony 500 Turntable setup...  Test out the speakers, they are 25 years old and turn out to be broken... sound distorted, voices crackling and just blown out. Linn amp curiously at 5/30 volume setting was...
  6. TheFlash

    SOLD Isotek Orion 8-way mains conditioning block, excellent, boxed, £375 or close offers, inc UK shipping

    Top of the range but now superseded, the 2-way version of this had an RRP of £570... https://www.hifix.co.uk/isotek-gii-orion-mains-conditioner. This has 6 sockets for sources and 2 high current sockets for integrated/power amps. I can't find a price for the 8-way. I bought this last year...
  7. clifton

    iFi AC iPurifier (Audio / Video Noise Eliminator / Line Conditioner / Filter / Isolator / Purifier)

    Selling my iFi AC iPurifier. In good condition. Info: https://ifi-audio.com/products/ac-ipurifier/ RRP around £99, will do it for £70 posted. Offers considered. Collection is ok also. *Please sanitise and wear mask for collection* Payment by cash on collection or Paypal Gift/Bank Transfer. ...
  8. Richdirector


    These are high current power monoblocks running A class and although only! 50w will drive any speaker with ease. They don't run as warm as my LUXMAN a class integrated but I never stacked them and gave them a lot of cool scottish air. I bought second hand from Robson after a trade in... Orig RRP...
  9. grahamfocal

    Fs. Croft series 5 power amplifier

    £550 now £500 or swaps considered - headphones.  I am located in Yeovil, Somerset.  Back up for sale Croft 5c power amplifier.  100% collection only, no courier collection, I don't have any boxes. I will not let the buyer take it away without a listen. I can provide tea and...
  10. crashhot

    QED Qonduit MDH4 Mains Distibution Hub

    four-way mains distribution block made by QED, does the job, nice hefty aluminium casing, I just don't need it. I've had this for ages, it's been sat around in the back of a cupboard and now I don't think it should be any more. £40 plus postage. Welcome to pick up if you're in the...
  11. Richdirector

    SOLD - wanted Mains Block Conditioner

    Been looking at some Isotek and ISOL8 ones - need 4/5 plug version (depending if one socket can handle Power Amp) - currently in cheapest Tacima extension Happy to spend up to around £300 as changes to mains leads made a big difference in system - hoping a block will also help. Let me know what...
  12. jas0_0

    Anyone compared Naim and Nord power amps?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a power amp to go between my Linn Majik DSi and Proac Response 1SCs.  I've narrowed the search down to either a new Nord One Up or a second hand Naim NAP 250.2.   Does anyone have experience of these two amps, or more generally how the Naim and Nord sounds compare...
  13. M

    Quad 306 Power Amplifier

    Quad 306 Power Amplifier Classic British power amplifier from Quad. Designed and built in the UK. Very compact but has plenty of power for most speakers. Original output caps have been replaced due to age with Kendeil caps (very highly rated) Also the old original binding posts have also...
  14. F

    Power Inspired's AG1500 AC ReGenerator

    Hi, I have for sale 2 used Power Inspired's AG1500 AC ReGenerators. Retail price is £549. For sale at £200 each but collection only as they are heavy & big and I no longer have the packaging. http://www.powerinspired.com/ag1500-ac-regenerator-1500w-psu-p-1742.html Collection is from...
  15. sunbeamgls

    ***SOLD*** CYRUS 6 Power Amp. Quartz Silver. Mint. Boxed

    Now ***SOLD*** thanks Cyrus 6 Power amp in Quartz Silver Absolutely mint condition In black print box also in excellent condition including foam blocks, inner cardboard box, speaker connectors Cyrus control cable and original inner wrap Supplied with Euro or UK mains cable as required...
  16. PuritéAudio

    ATC's new P2 power amp

    New power amplifier from ATC the P2, details here, http://atcloudspeakers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/P2_HiFi_PR_Int.pdf Keith
  17. V

    Belkin PF30 UK mains conditioner

    Hi All, this item is up for grabs for 20 pounds collection from London - Canada Water, Old Street, or Barbican tube stations. It's a good unit - I used it primarily for my digital components such as TV and Music Server. It isolates my digital components from the amps while improving the picture...
  18. PuritéAudio

    Lyngdorf TDAI 2170

    The Lyngdorf 2170, a true digital amp or if you prefer 'power dac' ,a complete one box solution that replaces preamp,power amps and dac, and it includes Lyngdorf's 'room perfect' room correction . http://www.lyngdorf.com/products/tdai-2170 Keith
  19. K

    Mains Matters

    Mains matters - and to some audiophiles it matters enough to buy a dedicated street pole and transformer. http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-gift-for-music-lovers-who-have-it-all-a-personal-utility-pole-1471189463
  20. M

    Cyrus Power amp - revert PSXR conversion?

    Hi everyone, I've recently acquired a Cyrus Power amplifier (w. XLR, not the X version) that has always been used with the PSXR but the previous owner had sold the PSXR separately years ago. My Power doesn't want to start without the PSXR (green flashing power light meaning the PSXR is...