1. Speedracer

    Mastersound PHL5 help please.

    Hi all, I use a Mastersound PHL5 valve pre that also has a internal mm phono stage, & I am trying to find out if it is safe to remove the valves for the phono as I use an external one. By my logic if the phono is bypassed in this way there is no need to put them in, but as I have about as...
  2. Blodger

    Croft 25r pre and 7R monos - immaculate

    With much regret, have decided to part with my Croft set-up owing to downsizing and the move to an integrated.  The amps, which are in immaculate condition, comprise a 25R line-only pre-amp, and two 7R mono power amps.  They have not been used very intensively, and come from a no-smoking, pet...
  3. TheFlash

    Pre-amp for newly acquired ATC SCM40A's

    Note: I'm on a steep learning curve here as I'd always thought of a pre- simply as the thing you connect various sources to and control the volume from (like the C-90 in my Pioneer rig). Apparently, selection of the right pre-amp plays an important role in the ultimate SQ coming out of the...
  4. E

    Karan kai 180 linked to a kas 180

    Hi there, Can anyone tell me if there is anyway of using a kai 180 and a kas180 together to bi-amp as there does not seem to be pre out on the kai??  There is a record out that won' work due to a set volume I've read!!! Is there a way of turning the rec out into a pre out at all or daisy chain...
  5. Elite Audio

    The New Densen B-250CAST Reference Pre-Amplifier

    Densen have unveiled an upgrade to their renowned B-250 Pre-amplifier in the form of the B-250CAST, a pre-amplifier which supports Google Cast streaming. Following on from the successful release of the CAST AMP Streamer earlier this year, the B-250CAST joins Densen’s new range of components...
  6. R

    Which pre-amp, the finale.

    Hello Wammers, You may remember I asked a couple of weeks ago which pre-amp I should get to replace my Net Audio 33. Thanks to this community and in particular wammer Pockets I am now the proud new owner of a Puresound L10. A HUGE jump in quality and sounding quite brilliant into my Net Audio...
  7. R

    Which pre-amplifier?

    Hello, I am a new wammer. I am suffering from upgrade-ite-is and need help choosing a new pre-amplifier. I have been running a Net Audio totally modified Quad 303/33 combo for the past five years - basically only the case and mains transformer is left of the original. The 303 is driving a pair...
  8. incognito73

    Matrix Mini-I Pro 2 DSD DXD DAC Headphone Amp

    This is excellent DAC, pre-amp and headphone amp from well established Matrix Audio. This is, I believe, 3rd generation now of this well regarded DAC and apart from upgraded enclosure quality, display, remote and overall design it does offer improved power supply section, more stable XMOS USB...
  9. Elite Audio

    Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE 2 Wins Blue Moon Award

    STP-SE Pre-amplifier Stage 2 Upgrade RRP: £3,749   American manufacturer Wyred 4 Sound has just scooped another Blue Moon award from . The STP-SE Pre-amplifier with a Stage 2 upgrade is the latest hi-fi component to be reviewed by 6moons and the fourth component to earn Wyred 4 Sound...
  10. P

    Classe CP-800 Preamp (with DAC)

    For sale is my Classe CP800 pre-amp (with integrated DAC, parametric eq and bass management) Immaculate condition and comes with all original packaging and accessories It's about 3 years old now, current retail is £5,495 so looking for around £2,850 for it Full spec can be found on their...
  11. O

    Roksan Caspian M1 Series Dual Mono Pre Amplifier and pair of Caspian Mono Block power amps

    Rare opportunity to purchase a Caspian M Series Dual Mono Pre-amplifier and a pair of matching Roksan Caspian M1 Mono Block Power Amplifiers. I have owned the equipment from new. It is in immaculate condition, coming from a pet and smoke free home and installed in a custom made rack. (The rack...
  12. P

    Primare Pre60 / A60 Experiences

    I've had a Primare Pre60 / A60 set on home demo for the last two weeks. My own setup is a Cyrus DAC-XP+ and StreamX v2 into a pair of Anthem Statement M1 monos, and driving Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grands. The change is significant as I knew it would be, I've been looking to replace the...
  13. S

    Late Quad 34

    Hello, I'm looking for a late Quad 34 with MM stage. Sean