1. stevehecht

    Opinions on QED cables solicited here

    I'm of the philosophy that I want to purchase and use audio products of very good/excellent quality that don't cost an arm and a leg. Right now I'm considering QED interconnects and speaker cables. They're not sold in the US AFAIK, but that's OK I'll buy from the UK. Specifically, I'm interested...
  2. A

    SOLD SOLD SOLD: QED Silver Aniversary BiWire speaker cable

    Sold elsewhere. Mods please move. Cheers   Hi folks, for sale: QED Silver Aniversary BiWire speaker cable.  2x terminated lengths: 1x 3metre  1x 5metre.  Have moved speakers as result of fitting a fire so bought new cable.   Works fine, only points to note as follows. Small part of cable...
  3. torikoos

    Cable direction

    I decided to upgrade some of my interconnects. I do believe that getting a decent pair of interconnects to replace the skinny ones often found with hifi components makes a difference.  Of course everything needs to be in balance. a pair of 200GBP interconnects attached to a 199GBP AV receiver...