1. Vinylistas

    FS: Refurbished Technics RS-1500 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

    This one is refurbished and calibrated by Alan Towell. Superb machine. Selling due to downsizing. For sale thread on PF where I bought it: https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/technics-1500-reel-2-reel.258615/
  2. alboy1975


    Possibly wtb DENAFRIPS ARES II or Pontis II. Please PM if interested.
  3. M

    FS: Soekris DAC1541

    Hello I am replacing various components in my system and in particular I am parting with my Soekris DAC1541. This is the original discrete sign-magnitude design by Søren Kristensen that uses two R2R strings in place of one to get positive and negative values and get better linearity. This one...
  4. bencat

    R2R DAC,s a different architecture for a different sound.

    On the owners thread I was recently very interested in the idea of R2R DAC,s . On the positive side they are almost always described as being musical by those that bother to listen to them . On the downside those that deal in just measurements complain that this type of DAC often have very poor...
  5. topoxforddoc

    Setting up a R2R tape deck - part 1 - Repro (playback)

    After Lodgesound (Stewart Emmings) passed away last summer, I was asked if I might pass on some of his knowledge in due course. I was a complete tape novice before Stewart taught me the basics. I'm sure that there will be some on this forum, who will know far more than I do. Stewart worked in...