1. Kalum

    For Sale Chord Epic RCA 0.5m available for sale

    Hey there! For Sale are 2 sets of chord epic RCA, purchased on 9th May 2021 they’re in brand new condition and are totally unmarked. They’ve been connected to my system and then left until now. Only selling these as I have some new kit which is all connected with Chord Sarum and Chord Signature...
  2. AJSki2fly

    FS: Chord Chameleon Vee 3 RCA/Phono cables reduced to £50 including postage SOLD STP

    Time to clear out the cable drawer, so here are a mix I have for sale, I have owned all of them from new. Postage in the UK will be £4.85 1st signed for a pair of cables, this covers up to 1kg of weight. If you purchase several or you are not in the UK I will advise postage costs.  If you are...
  3. alboy1975

    SDIF to AES cable, cd to dac - will it work?

    Hi Guys I recently got my hands on a Metrum Acoustics ONYX (hell of a dac btw). All inputs bar the AES are in use. I have a trichord genesis cd player with a coax out (which I rarely use). I've bought an SDIF to AES cable. Will this work, at least operate like an additional coax input to dac? I...
  4. robbie010

    FS: Mark Grant RCA interconnects

    1 Pairs of Mark Grant G1000HD - RCA Interconnects 50cm - £30 Price includes UK shipping. 
  5. Vinylistas

    Wanted: 2 pairs of RCA interconnects

    Looking to buy 2 pairs of RCA interconnects. Something decent, but not for crazy money. Ideally both sets of the same. 1m or longer.  Will use with valve equipment (pre and power).  Please let me know if you're planning to sell some. 
  6. delfinus

    FS: Nordost Heimdall 2 (Norse 2 series), RCA 2x1m

    On sale Nordost Heimdall 2 interconnect cables, RCA-RCA, length 1m in immaculate condition. What to say about the cable? Lush, musical, with super drive and energy. It provides great body, super sweet vocals, very extended bass and it is very natural sounding. Not typical Nordost. This one is...
  7. eyeshigher

    Set of 4 XLR to RCA Adapters

    For sale, my 4 XLR to RCA Adapters. Bought last year but never used. £***** for all four, Plus £6.00 shipping Thanks for looking.
  8. JollyRaja

    Townshend Audio F1 Fractal 1.5m RCA Interconnect

    One pair of Townshend Audio 1.5m F1 Fractal Analogue RCA Interconnects for sale at £650. These are £1,101 new and around nine months old. These cables are Townshend's top-of-the-line analogue interconnects. They are incredibly transparent cables. I'm selling these because I've upgraded to...
  9. R

    Rothwell 20 db rca attenuators

    Now surplus to requirements  Rothwell  RCA  -20db attenuators. ex/condition.  £20 posted.
  10. eyeshigher

    Shunyata Zitron Python 1 metre RCA

    Shunyata Zitron Python 1 metre RCA, includes original box. These are excellent interconnects, pictures of actual cables. £630.00 Postage £15.00 Collection welcome from Worcestershire
  11. daimler

    Epiphany acoustics atratus IC and Chord Crimson Plus iC

    Pair of Epiphany acoustic Atratus 1M IC and Chord Crimson Plus 1m IC (both chord cables are black - not a problem - guess you can connect them right) I think i have sold old pair with both red :-(  £25 each delivered.