1. hexx

    SOLD Okki Nokki Mk. 2 record cleaner + acrylic cover

    I have for sale Okki Nokki RCM Mk. 2 record cleaning machine in white colour with acrylic cover in great condition. I purchased it form HiFix in December 2016 and used it until I bought Degritter last year. I've cleaned approximately 250 records on it. The pads have been replaced around a year...
  2. Vinylistas

    FS: Nitty Gritty Model 1.0 Record Cleaning Machine RCM

    Selling my Nitty Gritty Model 1.0 record cleaning machine. Made in USA. Comes in original packaging with velvet record brush. Bottle with cleaning fluid is not included. No other accessories. Machine is in good working condition. Record turner doesn't have much grip so I was turning records...
  3. oskaboska

    Spin-Clean MkII record washer

    I have a  Spin-Clean Record washer to dispose of after buying a Okki-Nokki. It has been lightly used but has all the accessories, the instructions and most of the cleaning fluid. £40 +P&P  (unless you're neaby and we can arrange pickup/drop off)
  4. D

    Record Cleaning Machines.. Any suggestions.

    Hi all, a little advice needed of possible for this new Forum Member. My vinyl record collection is steadily growing which is mainly still reliant on second hand records (albeit from dealers) and I'm looking for a decent record cleaning machine. I've done the spin clean Knosti type and then a...