1. S

    SOLD Audeze LCD-5 headphones with XLR balanced cable *PRICE DROP*

    Hi everyone, You are looking at a AUDEZE LCD-5 CARBON FIBRE ACETATE FLAGSHIP REFERENCE TOTL PLANAR MAGNETIC OPEN BACK CIRCUMAURAL OVER EAR HEADPHONES. SERIAL NUMBER: 5-1156 Impedance 14 ohms, sensitivity 90 dB (a powerful headphone amplifier is strongly recommended). In very good working...
  2. HoopsOnToast

    SOLD KEF Reference Three-Two (3.2)

    These are up for sale due for some home improvements and heading down the DIY route once again. These are the 'two' version with the built in bass attenuation in the binding posts. They are very good condition, I can't see any marks on them at all other than a little sun fading on the veneer...
  3. HoopsOnToast

    SOLD KEF Reference CI 2000 In-Wall Speakers (Pair)

    I bought these second hand earlier in the year for a planned extension but due to house move, now no longer required so up for sale. They are in perfect working order, and overall great condition other than one corner which has some paint peeled off (the outer frames can be removed for painting...
  4. MrDTuk

    KEF Reference Model One

    For Sale, my much loved KEF Reference Model One speakers, absolutely lovely, very good condition. All drivers are good condition. 3 way design with a low frequency speaker inside the cabinet - seen in pics. Given the mega weight of these speakers (52kg the pair) these are collection only in...
  5. M

    KEF Reference 204c

    NB: Interest check at the moment. Considering selling my beloved KEF Reference 204C as I have a chance at a 202C. My poor house is too small for the 204, it just dominates....But my god, what a speaker!!! Cosmetically it is not perfect and needs a refinish really but I don't care so I...
  6. Elite Audio

    Audiozen Joins the Elite Audio Portfolio

    The ever-growing Elite Audio portfolio isn't slowing down with yet another brand joining this week. Italian manufacturers Audiozen are now members of the Elite Audio family, as we become the official UK distributors.  With a passion for achieving the most enjoyable listening experience...
  7. L

    Von Schweikert VR-4SR High end reference speakers

    Unbelievable opportunity here in the UK to own a pair of these legendary loudspeakers. These are normally found in the wealthy homes of North America and the Far East and as the former UK distributor for Von Schweikert loudspeakers I am not aware of many of these existing in the UK at all!  ...
  8. R

    Audio Research Ref 600 mkiii powe amplifiers

    I am selling a mint pair of these in black, still on original tubes and less than 1000 hours, original factory crates manuals etc selling due to lack of use, amps can be collected from Hadley Wood area in London. these are the latest mkiii edition with no reliability issues. price is uk8000
  9. HoopsOnToast

    Charity Sale - KEF Reference 103

    I inherited these lovely speakers, they were my girlfriends Dads growing up, who passed away earlier this year. We have been clearing out some of his extensive 'man cave' garage and I was offered these KEF Reference 103 speakers. I do not have a long term use, and rather than see them sitting...