1. ChemMan

    Acoustic room treatment with Measurements. Advice/Help required

    Good afternoon fellow listeners, I'll get right to it.  Some may recall I moved house and I am having horrible issues with bass bloom and/or modes--resonances.   The evidence I'm including was supposed to show "proof of concept" before I went full-on and really messed up my room. Suffice it to...
  2. chrisph

    Behringer Microphone and I/F box for REW measurements

    For Sale: Microphone with a 5m XLR to XLR cable and Xenix302 USB box to interface Microphone to PC, plus USB cable Purchased from Tony_J  late last year. Price: £40 plus £5 postage.
  3. Gizza

    A laughable improvement

    Well, despite reading comments on here about the benefits of in-room EQ, room measurements, etc. it has taken until now for me to shell out on the Minidsp Umik-1 digital microphone, necessary for making the required measurements. For many months, I had already been using a Minidsp 4x2HD...
  4. MF 1000

    KEF 104.2 restoration & conversion to 3 way active build

    Just picked up a pair of 104.2 Reference speakers that were close to me on eBay.  Usual issues with these speakers ...donuts on the dipole bass drivers perished (but the owner had removed the debris to stop it entering the voice coils) and a tweeter that’s blown.  All easy to sort and a bargain...
  5. bencat

    Conversion of Monitor Audio Monitor 11 to Active Crossovers

    Right this is the start of what might end up to be a very long thread . Apologies in advance to thise that will lose patience but due to my inexperience in trying anything like this there are many stupid questions I will need to ask . Day One Stripping of the Monitor Audio units down to...