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    Townshend Rock and Rega RB300 Issues

    Thanks for your help sourcing a belt, the Rock is now sounding pretty good with a new Goldring 1042 stylus. There are a few of remaining issues I'm hoping you can help me with. Firstly, the subplatter seems to be running too high, meaning he belt doesn't stay on when it's on the lower 45rpm...
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    Townshend Rock Belt Dimensions?

    Can anyone please tell me the correct dimensions for a 1980s Townshend Elite Rock belt? It has a round section belt of ~2mm diameter. It's in the region of 500mm cirumference, but I have no idea how much the belt I have has stretched, just that it seriously needs replacing. The deck looks...
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    CD's for sale

    I am downsizing and having a clearout of my cd collection, which contain predominantly classical recordings, together with some jazz and a few rock recordings:- Classical artists include - Beethoven, Bach, Khachaturian, Chopin, Gershwin, Sibelius, Corelli, Bruckner, Mozart, Britten, Borodin...