1. D

    ATC SCM40 V2 in white satin. Less than 2 years old.

    Reluctant sale of my ATC SCM 40 V2 White Satin speaker.  I have bought them in August 2017 brand new from Audioemotions. Still more than 4 years of warranty left. There were specially pre-ordered from the manufacturer by the shop so there are very recent build (not ex demo or used!!!) ...
  2. C

    ATC SCM40 passive V ATC SCM20ASL tower

    Hi All, My speakers are ATC SCM40 passive old style. My power amp is an ATC SPA2-150 and the pre is an MFA Baby Reference. I am considering going to active speakers and, as I like the ATC presentation, I am considering their SCM20ASL towers. Unfortunately my room is too small to accommodate the...
  3. MrLem

    ATC SCM40 Amp Requirements

    So I sold my KEF Reference Model 2.2s.  I now have to decide what to replace them with and am leaning towards ATC SCM40s.  My concern is that they might need a mighty amp to get the best from them.  I'd initially have them running passive bi-amped and probably convert it to an active set up...