1. P

    Linn Kazoo not recognising FLAC files?

    Hi guys, I've tried to setup Linn Kazoo so that I can play on my Akurate DSM also my own music files from a Mac Mini (that I use as server). Unfortunately, it does not seem to recognise and play certain files, for instance FLAC files from CD ripped by XLD or DBPowerAmp. Tidal works fine. Do...
  2. M


    Question I am interested in whether Linn DS users have found much difference in the quality of their systems based on the server software and hardware platforms they have used. History I have just bought a Linn Klimax DS/1 renew. Having built and played with a number of systems I ended up...
  3. daveyu

    Server for roon and hqplayer

    Hi  I'm looking for a mini windows server which is quiet and can run both roon core and hqplayer upsampling to dsd512 Budget is flexible up to £1300
  4. Sir_Franc

    What can I build that's better than a laptop for playing music.

    This probably should be in the computer based hifi section, but as there's currently a thread by Henry on the topic of server to dac build I thought I'd post in here. I currently use a bog standard Acer laptop (W10) to play music via Media Monkey in to my Chord Hugi TT dac. I use a NAS drive to...
  5. NuNu Distribution

    Nova Fidelity N15 Network player/dac/pre

    New from Nova Fidelity the N15 Network player / USB dac / pre-amplifier and music storage bringing you high quality streaming and great flexibility to your audio system. From £600 to £950 depending on storage. High performance system resources Based on powerful dual core ARM Cortex...
  6. H

    Idiots Guide Please

    Hi all, I have been a member for a number of years but rarely visit the forums as I tend to buy some kit then just listen to music. Every 5 to 10 years I pop my head up and go 'oh things have changed' but am not much the wiser. Consider me a hifi dunce. So at present I have a completely CD...