single driver

  1. Mike Milne

    Wanted - Speaker cable for Single Driver Beauhorns

    Hi as this Forum is so helpful ( creeping out of the way) and you have in the past helped me buy my Beresford Caimen Seg Dac I thought I would try again. Due to the acquisition of Beauhorn Rhapsody B2.2 I find myself needing longer suitable speaker cable as my 2x 3 metre VDH and Van Damme 6 no...
  2. Mike Milne


    Any body else own these speakers model Rhapsody B2.3 . I bought them last night after a demo with my amps - Crofts. I never thought I would enjoy Johnny Cash , Ella Fitzgerald or Opera , more of a TD , prog ,light jazz guy. But last night I heard them for a few hours with a variety of genres and...
  3. D

    Frugal Horn XL's

    FOR SALE  A pair of Frugal Horn XL's which were recently built from kit form by an enthusiast (not me). The kit cost a total of just over £500 from KJF Audio (check their website) and consists of CNC cut 18mm Baltic Birch Ply and the wonderful Mark Audio Alpair 10P drivers. They are a...