1. hexx

    SOLD SME IV + boxed + Yannis cable + WallyTractor

    For sale is my SME IV tonearm, WallyTractor protractor for SME and Yannis Tome 428Plus 1.25m cable with KLE! Pure Harmony plugs. I’m not entirely sure of the age of the arm as I bought it in January 2018 as a second hand item. If I remember correctly, the original seller mentioned to me that it...
  2. Vinylistas

    FS: Upgraded Michell Gyrodec with Orbe platter and SME IV tonearm

    I'm trying to minimise my Hi Fi system lately and next item for sale is: Phenomenal 2 tonearm version Michell Gyrodec with heavily modified motor unit (including new controller and power supply), Orbe platter upgrade and SME IV tonearm. Motor upgrade was cost no object project for previous...
  3. HoopsOnToast

    Wanted - SME M2 (9, 10 or 12) or 309/312

    I am looking for one of the below tonearms please, for my Denon DP3000 project: SME M2-9 SME M2-10 SME M2-12 SME 309 (longshot I know) SME 312 (longshot I know) Not interested in any of the 3009 series or IV/V tonearms Cheers, Rob
  4. D

    SME 3009 Service

    Evening Has anyone had their SME 3009 tonearm serviced by SME themselves? Have said tonearm (V2 improved) on a Thorens TD160B MkII which is just about to receive a new plinth, base and top-plate. so am considering having the 3009 serviced at the same time. Have contacted SME and they have...
  5. P

    SME Model 10 Turntable (no tonearm) £2200

    I am selling this on behalf of a friend who is the original owner from new   SME Model 10 Turntable only, no arm fitted. £2200 Current RRP over £4000   Superb condition,  apart from one small scuff on the lower side of the frame, and some marks around the holes for the arm guard. Packed in its...
  6. G

    SME 3009 tonearm SOLD

    Series 2 non-improved, detachable headshell.  Nice condition, supplied to previous owner by Loricraft and until recently in daily use in my Garrard 301.  Recent SME headshell tags.  Includes height spacer for Garrard etc.  Arm cable terminated in DNM din plug.  Arm lift would benefit from...