1. T

    Snell JII 2-way speakers

    You guys know all about these so I won't blart on too much. Have stayed with me for the longest time but a lack of living/listening space means they have to go.   Both of the bass drivers have been well re-foamed and there's no voice-coil rub whatsoever. I think the treble drivers were re-doped...
  2. Sir_Franc

    FS: Snell Type A mk3

    I have my lovely Snell type A mk3 for sale as I simply don't have enough space to keep buying gear and not selling any afterwards. They were serviced 4 years ago and had the bass units re-foamed so should be good for some years to come.  Collection from Crowborough, East Sussex. £1800 Snell...
  3. nut

    Snell J/II speakers and stands

    Snell j/II speakers in black. Beautiful condition. Consecutive serial numbers. Grills excellent. Cabinets excellent. Drivers excellent. Sensitivity 92 db, so excellent/renowned with valve amps. I had no intention of selling these, as for the price it just wasn't worth it. But one...