1. Willie Garvin

    Removal of a post

    Hi, Please can someone remove my first post which has somehow posted twice please. It is under 'Other Hobbies' & then 'Books, TV & Film' & is entitled 'The Hermit of Treig'. Cheers, Willie Garvin
  2. M

    Tapatalk Android App

    Anyone else having issues with Tapatalk on Android and Wigwam, I can't get it to work at all. Works on iOS although very slowly. On Android 6.0.1 it tries to load the Forum, but after saying 'loading' it appears the same as the mobile version and then immediately reloads and then crashes saying...
  3. C

    Problems with changing my profile.

    I'm having trouble when trying to change my profile. When in the 'Wigwam' area I try to change my equipment. Then go to the Trade Status and highlight 'not in the trade'. When I SAVE it doesn't recognise this and asks me to fill in the dealers info. Am I doing something wrong? Any help...
  4. rv295

    Topic view count not working

    I've just noticed there are lots of threads with numerous posts and a view count of zero.  :ph34r:
  5. Cloth-Ears.

    Online status blob missing

    The online status blob that appears next to your name in a thread is missing. You know, lit green for here, greyed out for away. Has it been removed by design or just a glitch ?
  6. chris_bates1974

    Image upload

    Hi, can you please let me know how I can reduce the size of my iPad photos so I can upload them? Thanks very much!!!!
  7. Mr Cat

    Change of name?

    Hi admin - any chance that my account can be called 'Mr Cat', please? thanks
  8. awkwardbydesign

    Dating system.

    I just noticed that the dates in the forum statistics are in the US format.  7/23/2016 for example.  Is this deliberate or an oversight?
  9. SergeAuckland

    Blue star seems to have gone

    Up until yesterday, there was a blue spot  next to threads with unread posts, and that blue spot turned into a star for threads I've contributed to. Now, all threads  with unread posts have blue blobs regardless of whether I'm following the thread or not.     Please can I have my stars back? I...
  10. nut

    Back To Top button

    The whiite up arrow in the blue/grey box  on the bottom right of the screen. When i magnify my screen (ctl+) on a windows pc, magnify enough and the small blue/grey box becomes a large invasive banner all the way across the bottom of my screen. I have a very big screen, and magnify to see, as...
  11. Brian28

    Mobile chat tab

    Guys its still on my screen and i cannot remove it ... The bloody  thing pops up every time you return to the site ! As before i have clicked on the Mobile chat tab .  Clicked on the spanner and turned off the bottom option ...  I have also turned off all options ! But it is still there !! Brian
  12. G

    Why is DIY in The Hifi Show section?

    Why is DIY in The Hifi Show section? 
  13. atomheartmother

    WAC club archive

    The wac club archives do not seem to be working, can this be sorted out please
  14. robin

    How to do a PM?

    As above, how do I send a pm ?
  15. baltika_no_9

    User Control Panel

    The Forum Updates banner on the Home page has the following: Super Wammers can now change their Member's Title from User Control Panel I can't seem to find the User Control Panel even though I'm sure I made such a change the other day. Could someone please put me out of my misery and guide me...
  16. G

    Other hobbies & interests. Photography section

    Images posted before the facelift, in the Photography section are still only showing as links. There is some Award Winning photography by HFWW members, especially in the Random Image of the Day section. Can you advise when historic images will be restored? steve (moderator)
  17. Cr41g

    Editing posts problem

    Hi after renewing my subscription, posts such as adverts still say wammer and I can no longer edit them?
  18. rv295

    Images from old posts still not showing

    After the upgrade announcement I was expecting the images to appear back in the threads (from before the platform change) but they haven't appeared in my DIY thread despite the message at the top of the forum saying the transfer is now 100% complete, Does this mean it hasn't been able to import...
  19. poco a poco

    Member Map Problem

    I am no longer seeing the Map when clicking on this tab. Just a blue tiled message saying: MapQuest-developer. From July 11th direct tile access has been discontinued. With links that do not work? Members icons seem to be showing over message  tiles, but not the map. Was OK yesterday (but that...
  20. rv295

    Our profiles showing Date of Birth - How to hide?

    Call me paranoid but if I have your rough location, date of birth and first name (I could probably track you down pretty easy) and come knocking at your door.  Please can we have the option to hide our date of birth?