1. Deb64

    Sony Professional Walkmans

    Following the discussions regarding my WM-D6 which I brought to the WAM Show, several Wammers have suggested that we have a thread dedicated to Sony Professional Walkmans. Generally the term “Professional Walkman” covers the WM-D6 and WM-D6C models, but the WM-D3 and the playback only WM-DC2...
  2. L

    sony mdr v6 pads and other phones,

    so I am looking for replacement pads for the above sony v6, any places people would say give a good service, price, but also I am looking for a second set of phones, I have tried the £100 BEYER things in the past quiet liked them , but also I had a long defunct set of sennhieser ovation things...
  3. T

    Sony configuration

    Hi everyone ! I have opoprtunity to buy and would like to ask you what you think about :  TA-VA8ES + TA-N220 + SDP-EP9ES + PS-X555es + CDP... I have pair of Sony SS- E622V 160W + pair of PSB IMAG T5 200W + woofer inactive 80W  I really interested in stero, no home cinema at all It will be...
  4. C

    Sony APM 20ES speakers - anyone know about these?

    I had the opportunity of buying them - so did - and they sound very good indeed! Scant information about them on the Internet, apart from the fact that the APM 20ES and 40ES variants of the Sony APM range could well be German.... A cut and paste information snippet about them below in italics...
  5. D

    Sony WM-D6C Servicing

    I have a late 1980s WM-D6C which will no longer FF or RWD and probably needs new belts all over and a tune-up. Can anyone please tell me where I could get it serviced? Thanks, Dr. Matt...
  6. Nagraboy

    Does anyone have a Sony HAP-Z1ES I can try out?

    I've been thinking about getting one of these HDD players but I'd like to try it out before I go for it. Would anyone who owns one mind if I popped round for a listen and demo? I'm based in NW Leicestershire, but I can travel. Any owners opinions would be welcome too. Thanks.
  7. R

    Sony STR-DA2400ES 7.1ch 100W Cinema Receiver

    Following an upgrade, my trusty old Sony DA2400ES receiver is available to buy.Detailed item information   Product IdentifiersBrand SonyModel STR-DA2400ESEAN 0027242729872, 4905524468069MPN STR-DA2400ES   Key FeaturesType Home Theater ReceiverNumber of Channels 7.1Sound Output Type...
  8. R

    SONY Xperia XA mobile - Brand New Sealed

    Hi guys, I've just taken out a new contract with EE, and this phone is not required. I try to avoid eBay these days, however based on recent sales, i'll offer this for £130. The cheapest shop price i've seen is £200. It arrived 30 minutes ago, and will remain sealed. Spec: Graphite Black...