speaker cable

  1. andyrlb

    SOLD Tellurium Q Black II speaker cables 2m

    Bought recently but I prefer the cables that I was using. I have several cables recently for comparison purposes. 2 metre pair with factory fitted banana plugs on both ends . £120 plus postage at cost ( no offers)
  2. M

    For Sale Chord Epic Twin speaker cable - 3M pair for sale

    3M pair of Chord Epic Twin (non-biwire) speaker cable for sale. Purchased in summer 2009 from O'Brien HiFi (SW London). Banana plugs were fitted professionally at time of purchase Beautiful condition. Recent house move has required replacement with longer pair. FYI, each run is slightly over...
  3. Y

    For Sale Coherent Systems 5D Speaker Cables.

    For Sale Coherent Systems 5D Speaker Cable I'm selling as upgraded to the 6D cables. These cables are 2.6m long, and are in superb condition as can be seen in the photos, They were purchased direct from Tony at Coherent Systems on the 8th April 2021 as used / ex demo cables. Asking Price...
  4. L

    FS: EWA LS40 speaker cable (2m pair)

    Amazing cables designed by the creator of the original Tellrium Q Blacks. I upgraded from Tellurium Q Black IIs to these LS40s and they were a significant upgrade. Only looking to sell these to help finance moving up to the (significantly!) more expensive set from EWA, otherwise they would be...
  5. Mike Milne

    Wanted Duelund Dual DCA16GA speaker cable

    After taking some advice for the good folks who inhabit this Forum , has anybody got any of the above they no longer need and wish to move on?  The hard bit is I almost certainly need 2 X 5 metre runs as my partner has insisted I move my Beauhorn Rhapsody B2.2's to the other end of the room to...
  6. Fullrange

    For Sale.. NVA LS3 speaker cable. 4m and 6m lengths. Now £100 including UK postage..

    I have a 4m and 6m length of NVA LS3  speaker cable for sale. Cost £250 for the two lengths. £100 UK posted for both lengths. Many thanks. Collection from Torquay most welcome.
  7. Mike Milne

    Wanted - Speaker cable for Single Driver Beauhorns

    Hi as this Forum is so helpful ( creeping out of the way) and you have in the past helped me buy my Beresford Caimen Seg Dac I thought I would try again. Due to the acquisition of Beauhorn Rhapsody B2.2 I find myself needing longer suitable speaker cable as my 2x 3 metre VDH and Van Damme 6 no...
  8. Blodger

    Supra Ply 3.4 Speaker Cable 2 x 5 metres

    A 5 metre pair of the excellent Supra Ply 3.4 tinned OFC speaker cable, terminated with banana plugs. These were purchased from Divine Audio about 18 months ago and cost around £140; they are in A1 condition.  As a cable I found them very neutral and balanced sound-wise, unfatiguing and worked...
  9. N

    Elsdon Wonfor Audio EWA LS25 speaker cables

    I have a set of 5 metre LS25 cables for sale, in good condition with banana plugs at both ends.    £490 uk posted  
  10. L

    SOLD. Kondo sp/c speaker cable 3.5m/5.5m lengths

    For sale is a pair of Kondo sp/c speaker cables terminated with banana plugs.  The cable lengths are slightly different being 3.5m one side and 5.5m the other to accommodate side placement of the amp.  Originally supplied by Definitive Audio the cables are in excellent condition as can be seen...
  11. J

    Naim Nac a5 Speaker Cable 5m

    Naim Nac a5 Speaker cable, 5m in length, so above the min 3.5m recommended and within the optimum 5-10m.  They have been terminated by Sevenoaks Sound & Vision with banana plugs at the speaker end and the newer, smaller, straight Naim plugs at the Amp end. The Naim plugs casing can be...
  12. Thetiminator

    SOLD! Harmonic Tech Pro 11 Reference speaker cables (8ft)

    SOLD These really are world class cables. Selling as they're not long enough after moving room. 8ft length - Spades to banana's. But I can get them changed to your preferred configuration if needed. Probably the thickest and heaviest cables I've ever seen -around 28mm thick and I would say...
  13. garn63

    Now Sold. Thx.

    For Sale...Audioquest Rocket 11 Speaker Cable. 2 × 5m. (Black)  £65 firm which includes 1st class postage.                                   2 banana plugs amp end & 4 bananas for speaker end. Please use Google for all the spec/reviews etc. I bought these from a member recently.  However...
  14. M

    SOLD: Cardas Golden Reference Biwire Speaker Cables 2.4m

    A pair of used Cardas Golden Reference Bi-wire speaker cables 2.4m / 8 ft  Bought new by me a few years ago  In May this year i sent them to Cardas and had them converted to Bi-Wire and reterminated with fresh 1/4" spades both ends so they will perform as well as they did when new Until...
  15. Audinista

    SOLD: DNM Solid Core Speaker Cable

    SOLD   DNM Stereo Solid Core Speaker Cable.  2 x 5.75 m  plus 2 x 1 m  unterminated  £130 incl. postage The cable can be used bi-wired, bi-amped or single wired. Purchased new for £300, still have the receipt.
  16. daveyu

    Cardas Golden Cross Spk Cables 2m Spades

    Cardas Golden Cross Spk Cables 2m Spades in good condition Super cables owned from new £950 ono
  17. W

    FS: Chord Epic Twin speaker cable, bananas, 3.75 m pair

    Chord Epic Twin speaker cable, bananas, 3.75 m pair One stereo pair of Chord Epic Twin speaker cable, 3.75 m each end to end. Factory terminated with bananas. Excellent condition and a great sounding cable. I tried many types before settling on this, including Van Den Hul, Ecosse...
  18. Thetiminator

    Harmonic Tech Pro 9 Reference (Bi-wire) speaker cable

    I have 2 pairs available of these world class cables.  8ft length (closer to 9ft inc. tails). One pair is 2 spades (amp end) to 4 spades (speaker end) and the other has 4 bananas at the speaker end. Probably the thickest and heaviest cables I've ever seen - to give you an idea, the pen in the...
  19. A

    SOLD SOLD SOLD: QED Silver Aniversary BiWire speaker cable

    Sold elsewhere. Mods please move. Cheers   Hi folks, for sale: QED Silver Aniversary BiWire speaker cable.  2x terminated lengths: 1x 3metre  1x 5metre.  Have moved speakers as result of fitting a fire so bought new cable.   Works fine, only points to note as follows. Small part of cable...
  20. C

    Transparent Audio Musicwave Super loudspeaker cable

    The Super’s hefty cable construction provides effortless current transfer in even the most demanding musical passages. The network boxes reduce noise and interference, to reveal the low-level information so important to the full enjoyment of your favorite music and soundtracks. Compared to the...