1. Mr THX

    SOLD Russell K RED 100 Speakers (Inc Graham Audio stands) Make me an offer

    As new and in mint condition. Russell Ks RED 100 Speakers £750 BARGAIN Will including the Graham Audio solid steel speaker stands if asking price achieved. Will ship but collection or (fuel paid) drop off is preferred to keep these beauties in perfect condition. See Links after image...
  2. sunbeamgls

    ATACAMA SE24 Speaker Stands FOR SALE

    ATACAMA SE24 Speaker Stands 24" tall Black crackle finish Very sturdy steel stands, 30% filled with kiln dried sand in polythene liners Includes the floor spikes Good condition with just a few light marks £49 Near Chester - might be able to arrange a meet up. Going to Northamptonshire soon so...
  3. redmcq

    FS Kimber 8TC 3.7M Pair

    This set of speaker cables are terminated with Kimber Banana plugs and are in excellent well looked after condition. £350 plus P&P. More pictures available on request.
  4. Fullrange

    High quality speaker stands. £40 collected. Possibly Atacama SL500 ?

    Unknown brand of speaker stand. 7.5kg each. £40 collected from Torquay.
  5. Coalboy68

    Wiring Exaktbox I to 225

    Calling owners of 225s how do you wire to an exaktbox I ? On linn docs it suggests connection via the rca output but surely it is wired from the speaker terminals to the individual speakers?  Do you 5 wire or 4 wire? regards Nigel
  6. S

    Quad S5 Floorstanding Speakers

    NOTE PRICE REDUCED TO £750 Ok my first ad on Wam Forum please be kind. So almost brand new purchased 2020, perfect condition. I used the gloves included to install. Amazing sound see the hifi news review by Ken https://www.analogueseduction.net/user/Quad_S5_HFN.pdf They really do something...
  7. Trunky

    A novel speaker cable enhancement?

    12 days ago, by chance, a 6.36kg iron weight had been placed on one of my speaker cables. I won’t bore you with the details of my system, but suffice it to say it is a very highly resolving one with a ‘new’ value in excess of £50K. The salient point is the speaker cable is a copper cable in a...
  8. sunbeamgls

    SOLD 1x LINN 038/2 TWEETERS for Katan, Ninka, Espek, Keltik, Keilidh, AV5140, Trikan, Tukan

    One Linn 038/2 Tweeter in very good condition and fully working. Standard in: - Ninka - Katan - Espek - Ekwal - Trikan Upgrade for: - Keilidh - Keltik - Kaber -AV5140 -AV5120 85 GBP including UK mainland shipping and insurance. Shipping to other locations at cost, but must be...
  9. bencat

    This my well be premature but i have to consider it - Advice needed

    I have made a pair of KEF 103 Reference speakers in to active units using a MiniDSP DDRC 24 as the Digital Crossover / DSP Unit / DAC with Volume. Sadly one of the T52 Tweeters has blown and getting a replacement looks to be a very difficult prospect.  I will continue to keep my eyes open for a...
  10. Richdirector

    No longer for sale

    Firstly the reviews may have driven you to this listing - the speaker is mind blowing But I am selling as I have a pair of Harbeth 30.1 sitting around and they are working well in my small lounge.... Tannoy ardens displaced them in the main HiFi system. As the review mention they are less good...
  11. king_cosmos

    Upgrade to "High End" sound but which component to get first?

    Hello everyone, It's been a while but I hope you are all well. I've always had what I would consider to be a solid/modest mid-fi system.  PC/Tidal > Cambridge Audio Dac Magic > Marantz PM8003 > Bowers and Wilkins CM7 with good quality power/speaker cables, interconnects and very...
  12. Dazzmatic

    Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario

    Sonus Faber Amati Annerversario Used, in excellent condition.  Supplied with original packing cartons and all accessories. Grilles in perfect condition, never used. £7,599 Location Greenwich, London SE8 Audio...
  13. S

    Wilson Benesch Torus sub & amp £3000

    HiSelling one Wilson Benesch Torus sub & amp, this sub doesn't need explaining. All you need to know is how fast they are, they can keep up with speakers no problem. Only reason I am selling is I have two & my new living isn't big enough to accommodate both. (Grap yourself a bargain...
  14. hifisound.co.uk

    Hifisound Raidho Acoustics

    We are very pleased to announce that we are now Stocking Raidho Acoustics loudspeakers. Currently on demonstration are two models - the XT2 (https://raidho.dk/product-detail/xt-2/) is a compact two and a half way floorstanding design with a 4" ceramic/aluminium sandwich mid/bass driver, a...
  15. bluemeanie68

    Cardas CCBP-L long unplated SOLID copper speaker binding posts (Last pair)

    Hi all. The last pair of these beauties. These are the DADDY of speaker binding posts... superb SOLID billet copper. More info here: http://www.hificollective.co.uk/bind...ed-copper.html In great used condition. For these at Hificollective they will set you back over £65 inc. VAT and...
  16. HoopsOnToast

    Charity Sale - KEF Reference 103

    I inherited these lovely speakers, they were my girlfriends Dads growing up, who passed away earlier this year. We have been clearing out some of his extensive 'man cave' garage and I was offered these KEF Reference 103 speakers. I do not have a long term use, and rather than see them sitting...
  17. GavJ

    Double Trouble

    Hi all, double blow..... my amp went pop and it took one of my speakers with it  :( I was using a Belles 150a for bass & mid range and my Linn LK140 for treble..... really enjoyed the sound through a set of Castle Knight 5's. Sound went off a few days ago, thought it was just a bad...
  18. eyeshigher

    Townshend Isolda Speaker Cables

    For sale are my near mint condition Townshend Isolda, 3 metre speaker cables. Banana connectors either end. The cables are the new version. Price £**** + £15 p&p Collection is welcome from Worcestershire. Thanks for looking Pictures are of cables for sale