1. incognito73

    Mac Mini A1347 Mid-2011 8GB RAM Dual SSD I5 2.3 HiFi Audio PSU Upgrade

    Excellent opportunity to buy customised Mac Mini, equally good for general use and more importantly HiFi duties. Firstly, memory is upgraded to 8GB and dual HDD adapter was put in place, so that one can install two disk drives in parallel. This particular sample includes Crucial C300 64GB SSD as...
  2. E

    Naim HDX, prefer SSD version

    Naim HDX wanted (SSD version preferred) to buy or px with my MINT Superuniti with over 3years of transferable extended Naim Warranty, all packaging and accessories present and also in excellent condition. Must be in MINT condition and 'low use'.
  3. M

    Massive spec Scan 3XS Carbon PC

    I need the space back that this is taking up and so a bit of an interest check at the moment. I'd rather sell as a complete system but may be interested in a swap for a high spec iMac or some interesting hifi stuff (good amps, maybe a good DAC, speakers like Tannoy DCs etc). The general spec is...