1. A

    For Sale Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB Roon Bridge

    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4 GB enclosed in fan-less aluminium case and provided with original Raspberry Pi power supply and 32 GB SanDisk Ultra micro SDHC memory card hosting Roon Bridge OS. I purchased a few of these setups last year (2021) to use as music streamers (running RoPieee and VitOS...
  2. Getgaff

    SOLD AURALiC Aries G2 wireless streaming transporter with Hoer Wege PSU

    AURALiC Aries G2 wireless streaming transporter with Hoer Wege internal power supply. In great condition, from a smoke and pet-free home, and comes complete with the original packaging and accessories. I’m the second owner and purchased this in March 2021 and used it alongside an AURALiC Vega...
  3. L

    SOLD Bluesound Node 2i hi-res Streamer

    Bluesound Node 2i hi-res streamer Used in Excellent Condition all original cables included, Original Box included £310
  4. W

    SOLD Sold. Allo Digione Signature Player

    Hi All, Allo Digione Signature Player for sale. Smoked acrylic case. Pi 3B+ under the HAT. Excellent condition, looks and performs as it did when it was new (Sep 2018). Includes a 16 GB SD card (I can put the OS of your choice on the card to help start you off, if you like). You'll need two 5V...
  5. DomT

    Recommend a streamer for non-hifi person

    Hello everybody I was talking with a good friend here in Portugal last night about getting a streamer for Spotify. He is totally not a 'hifi' person.  So we need something that is decent enough quality, simple to use, and will work well using an Android phone as the input device; and ideally...
  6. wHIZZY


    SALE TEMPORARILY ON HOLD Musical Fidelity Encore 225 An all in one system that's built around the highly rated Musical Fidelity M6 225w power amplifier. The streaming function has internet radio and covers all major Apps, I currently use it with Qobuz, Radio Paradise and BBC Sounds The CD...
  7. deebee


    As per the title, I am looking to sell my Mint condition and barely used MF M6 Encore 225 All in one streamer/hd/cdp-ripper/internet radio and heavens knows what else system. It comes double boxed with original boxes, remote, manual, lead, letter from the MD etc. It sounds fabulous and it...
  8. B

    NOW SOLD - Logitech Squeezebox Touch

    Following the purchase on a Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 my Squeezebox Touch is now surplus to requirements. Purchased new from Curry’s PC World it has been used in smoke and pet free home.  Excellent condition and still has the protective film on.  The unit has had little use over the years...
  9. alboy1975

    mac mini/rega dac r streamer, advice?

    Hi This is a follow up to this lengthy thread:   I have my pc (main computer) and 2012 mac mini connected to my rega dac r, using optical connection.  I am still considering using an A-B usb to connect pc, freeing up optical to tv (this post with include a question on this.)  The mac and pc...
  10. Nopiano

    Linn Sneaky Music DS streamer.  Mint condition.  Now £475.

    Linn Sneaky Music DS streamer.  Mint condition.  £475 Wam price. This super little streamer enabled me to enjoy Qobuz HD without the hassle of my previous Squeezebox.  Easily controlled from an iPad with your choice of Linn’s latest app, or its earlier Kazoo app (as well as several other...
  11. P

    linn akurate ds (katalyst upgrade)

    id like to sell my linn akurate LINN Akurate DS (2012 bought by ) and  febr. 2019 i upgraded to Katalyst version  (by Soundcompany Wien) after Katalyst upgrade its 5 year warranty  (i suggest price 4.000 Euro) 
  12. Richdirector

    SOLD on the BAY for more - Linn klimax renew streamer £1600 incl UK postage

    From original klimax upgrade.... Fantastic streamer the only one I've owned to rival my vinyl source... But getting rid of 2nd system now so only keeping upgraded one... This is 97%as good in my books. Higher res pics...
  13. Open door

    PIONEER N-50A network music player / streamer with dac inputs - UPGRADED

     PIONEER N-50A network music player / streamer with dac inputs - UPGRADED.  These are excellent streamers with Plenty reviews online. This one has had the following upgrades applied making it even better: 1) Soundcoat dampening applied to the chassis to reduce resonance. 2)...
  14. wHIZZY

    SOLD - Cambridge Audio 851N - Streamer, DAC, Preamp

    Bought from a fellow Wammer for a project that is now on hold.  Comes with double box packaging and all accessories. Great sounding bit of kit in absolute mint condition. Prefer collection/Wam taxi from Exmouth in Devon but will...
  15. P

    Streamer advice

    Hi, I am looking for advice on streaming and next steps for my hi fi. I currently have Rega P3 with Linn Adikt MM cartridge and Neo PSU, Linn Classik as a CD player, Linn Katan speakers all through Moon 240i integrated amp with in built DAC. I am currently playing my i tunes and tidal on my i...
  16. crashhot

    FS: Auralic Aries Mini & iFi power supply

    As per headline, Auralic Aries mini for sale, owned since new and fully boxed, working etc. No point in writing a lot of stuff here, you guys know what it does, if you don't you can look it up on the web. Purchase also includes iFi power supply (this makes a MASSIVE difference to the...
  17. Vinylistas

    SOLD: Bluesound Node 2 Streamer

    Selling my Bluesound Node 2 streamer (black). It is in immaculate condition and comes in original box with all accessories/cables. It was massive upgrade over Cromecast streamer I had before. It also supports Tidal Masters. £300 posted, or £290 collected from SE London.
  18. L

    SOLD: Linn Klimax Renew DS/1 -*Price Reduced*

    For sale is my Linn Klimax Renew DS1 (Klimax DS2 board) digital streamer I have had this since 2015, (serial No 1366470) its in excellent condition, no marks or scratches. It comes with Lejonklou mains power lead and original Linn packaging. Im in West Midlands, UK, will post within UK...
  19. arturo

    Auralic Aries Mini

    Just replaced this amazing bit of kit with Auralic's sensational Vega G1.  Streaming made easy, Tidal, Quobuz integrated into Auralic's own control interface Lightning DS (Apple).  Play Spotify, bluetooth, as well as wired or wireless.  Comes pre-fitted with 1TB internal SSD, original packaging...
  20. TheFlash

    Bluesound Node 2 and WD My Passport external drive occasionally connected

    I'd be grateful for further input from experienced wammers who have already been generous and patient... After a super-helpful conversation I landed on a Bluesound Node 2 as my new DAC/Streamer solution - and I couldn't be happier. My next project had dual purposes: do something about my...