1. Jail4CEOs2

    Exaktbox-i high level connection for subwoofers <HOWTO>

    This has been asked, but it deserves it's own thread that is hopefully indexable for future searchers. Can a subwoofer like REL or BK be connected "high level" via their Speakon connectors to the bass outputs of an Exaktbox-i? Is all the information contained in the music in the bass signal, or...
  2. Tin

    Auralex Subdude II

    As people from the old Linn forum will know, I have been a promotor of using standmounts together with one or more subwoofers over floorstanders. The benefits being: Budget friendlier Less visible real estate I have nothing against larger speakers per se, but as with Linn speakers the...
  3. MF 1000

    Sub bass & bass Speakers with 18" Volt RV4564 drivers

    After acquiring a pair of bass speakers fitted with Volt RV4564 drivers from eBay, the challenge now is to make them more aesthetically pleasing, if I make new cabinets - not to go too big, tune the existing cabinets to try to achieve sub 20Hz frequencies and eliminate any cabinet...
  4. Chop

    REL 212SE subs review – with horns!

    Not written a review on the Wam before so please bear  with me... My Avantgarde SUB225’s died on me and having spent ages deciding on suitable replacement subs I’ve got a firm recommendation. The thing is that although I have a very specific set of requirements it has given me a really good...
  5. M

    Rel r 505 subwoofer

    Lovely rel r 505 subwoofer gloss black, 12 inch 500w, fantastic subwoofer, 2 very small marks one behind grille and a very smsll one on top, not  noticable, cost £1100 never been abused £400, location coventry