1. J

    For Sale Sugden A21A

    Can't imagine this needs any sort of introduction. Dates from October 2003, according to Sugden, I've owned it since 2004/2005 or thereabouts. God, that makes me feel old. Last serviced by Sugden in 2015, with new switches, rectifiers and a couple of pots replaced. Happy to provide the...
  2. TheFlash

    Flash sale! classic Sugden A21a with MM phono stage [SOLD]

    It's a requirement of a Wam ad that you include a picture of the actual item for sale. I took a few in a rush yesterday and this is the best... you can imagine how blurred the rest were, can't you! I can put up better photos towards end of next week. I have a cunning plan which this time...
  3. L

    Klipsch forte iii

    After a year of lockdown I couldn't wait any longer, and a pair of these turned up today.  Very happy so far! Distressed oak, look awesome, and sound superb connected to the sugden ia4. Currently sat about 10 inches from my back wall very slightly toed in. Even the other half is happy...
  4. Blodger

    Sugden IA-4 Masterclass

    Sugden IA-4 Masterclass integrated amplifier in titanium in excellent condition.  This has been lightly used (with Audio Note and then Harbeth speakers), and sounds absolutely sublime.  Selling because of major changes to the configuration of my system.  Asking £2,850. Check reviews via Google...
  5. Thetiminator

    Sold! Sugden Masterclass FPA-4 Class A Power amplifier

    I only bought this week after a long search and of course two days later an FBA-800 becomes available so I have to fund it with the sale of the FPA-4. Manufactured April 2019 so it's the very latest spec. Comes with original box and all associated docs.  Fabulous Class A Sugden sound, sweet...
  6. TheFlash

    SOLD! Sugden IA-4 - silver, mint, original remote and packaging £2950

    I have a cunning plan; a secret cunning plan; a secret, cunning and probably implausible plan. This plan will only come to fruition if I sell my lovely looking and sounding Sugden IA-4 to a genuine (and patient - see below) buyer. Which is where you, dear discerning wammer, come in. I...
  7. Thetiminator

    WTD - Sugden Power Amp/s

    Looking for Sugden power amplifier. Either stereo or mono’s. Must be boxed etc. for shipping. WHY? 
  8. TheFlash

    Sugden ANV-50 and/or Posselt Albatross with special guests Pass Labs XA60.8, Border Patrol 300B, Spendor Classic 200 and pimped Dalis

    Let me say it myself: TL;DR. The impatient can fast forward to the pics and then rewind to the text to work out what the hell is going on. ________ I'm still faffing around with with my Kendal set-up in the aftermath of my short-lived Boenicke W8 ownership and the unwinding of that. A brief...
  9. TheFlash

    Sorted with thanks... Wanted: HiFi+ August Issue 174

    Does anyone have a copy they can lend me? Interested in their review of the Sugden ANV-50 which is not available online for copyright reasons... PM me please.
  10. Labven

    Sugden a21se amplifier £1200

    Four years old, bought new by me so have sales invoice. 30 wpc of pure Class A power. Totally reliable since new. Original box and documents. Selling for £1200. Used with Neat sx2's which will be going on here later. at probably £400 for them.
  11. J

    Amp and CD for Proac Response SC1

    I have recently inherited some Proac Response SC1 speakers.  I also inherited a Michell pre amp and power amp (all quite old now) but find the sound far too bright for my tastes.  I am currently pairing the speakers with a NAD CD and amp which sounds fine but...  I am wanting to buy a new CD...