1. luckysim0n

    For sale/swap for turntable: B&W PM1's

    Wondering if anyone is interested in a swap my B&W pm1s for a turntable of similar value maybe cash going either way B&Ws where £2400 new with stands mine have got brand new tweeters which have barely been run in speakers are in great condition as I had them sorted stands show a bit of...
  2. Rosewind

    [FS] Van den Hul The Grail, silver, with regular PSU

    Withdrawn from sale. Will either be sold to a member of another firum or traded in / sold through a dealer.
  3. N

    SWAP my Luxman SQ 100n Integrated Valve Amp for your Solid State integrated

    Looking to swap my mint boxed Japanese manufactured Luxman SQ100N for a solid state amp of comparable quality  - the Luxman is superb quality, but I need more power. Prefer an integrated, but a compact pre/power would be OK.   Or you can tempt me with a pair of Quad electrostatics.  Cash...