1. Fullrange

    SOLD Thivan 211 Anniversary two box SE 25w valve amp.

    Hi guys. Due to a change in system I have a very nice boxed mint condition Thivan 211 Anniversary two box SE valve amp for sale. It is rated at 25w per channel, has 3 line inputs, Furutech connection cable and is boxed. I would prefer collection from Torquay due to the 50kg weight. All original...
  2. J

    Valve amp or SS for Proac Tablette 10

    I’m currently streaming Qobuz through a Bluesound Node 2i, Khadas Tone Board, Sonneteer Alabaster into my Proac Tablette 10s. The sound is insightful and has plenty of energy, detail and presence. However, sometimes it can seem a little hard edged and strident. I am starting to look into valve...
  3. TheFlash

    (Tube?) Preamp Porn Potential

    Some of you may have noticed I've manned up and bought my first ever tube amplifier; it will live in my Kendal man cave and drive my Posselt Albatrosses. No, I haven't quite worked out how to handle non-hifi friends staying there who I don't want to touch it but my fallback is a sign saying...
  4. M

    Aune T1 Tube (ish) DAC

    Hi Anyone else have one? I have a V1 Aune T1 with an aftermarket tube - the original tube was too cheap and I had to get a couple more since the second I got was out of balance on the channels. I'm not sure what tube I'm running now but it's not particularly fancy or NOS. The tube here is only...
  5. Elite Audio

    Elite Audio Now Distributing DIMD PP10 Stereo Amplifier

    RRP: £2,795 Elite Audio are now distributing the DIMD PP10 Integrated Stereo Amplifier in the UK. The PP10 is a matched tube amplifier which has been expertly crafted to deliver an AB class sound.  DIMD's flagship PP10 stereo amplifier was born from Edgars Spārniņš’ desire to create an...
  6. pmcuk

    FS - Two AVO Tube Testers, VCM163 and Mk 3

    For Sale - Kensington, London. Collection only.  1. AVO VCM 163. Premium tube tester, top of the range. Meters both need servicing, and it needs recalibrating. So not currently working. Sold as-is with no return.  2. AVO Mk 3 tube tester. Previously owned by Bill Beard. Needs a service, so...
  7. S

    Croft Epoch Elite

    Looking for a good condition Croft Epoch Elite preamp (or possibly a Super Micro A). Good price offered. 
  8. phobos0411

    UNISON RESEARCH Preludio valve tube amp 14wpc Class A Barely used in stunning Mahogany

    For sale is my beautiful and unusual Unison Research Preludio which comes with the rarely seen real mahogany wood trim which looks simply stunning. I've barely used the amplifier so you will see the condition of it reflects this. Like new condition, it came straight from Italy to me. This...