1. H

    For Sale Tungsol KT120 matching quad (barely used)

    I am having a big sell-off of items that I have just lying around taking up space, which I don't use. I have 4x quad of Tungsol KT120's that are matched. These were used briefly in my Primaluna Dialogue amp before I sold it and upgraded to a Cayin tube amp. These cannot be used in my Cayin, so...
  2. Audinista

    Where I can test my valves?

    I have some old Mullards - EL34, ecc82 and ecc83, some NOS, others  used. I've no tube tester. Where in Greater London area could I test it properly? 
  3. Fullrange

    Sold.....Job lot of spare valves. ECC83, ECC81, 12AT7, GZ34 £50 UK posted..

    Job lot of valves from my spares box. I believe these are unused but selling as spares incase some have been in an amp for testing only. Two JJ ecc83s Two JJ ecc81 JJ GZ34s Electro Harmonix 12ax7 eh boxed JHS Sylvania 12AT7  £50 including UK postage.
  4. TheFlash

    Tube rolling newbie: am I doing something wrong?

    I've just got my first tube amp, a Mactone MH-300B. I've heard all about tube rolling so thought I'd give it a go but IMHO it doesn't make any difference at all to sound quality.  Am I doing this wrong?
  5. pmcuk

    All-DHT Push-Pull 2a3 amp, 26 and 4P1L inputs

    London UK:  I have two PP amps for sale - DHTs right through and filament bias: 1. PP 26>4P1L>6C4C (6B4G). 2 chassis - signal chassis and PSU chassis. This is a complex build with great sound. It has 8 DC filament supplies and regulators. The outputs are AC. OPT is O-netics. This is a...
  6. K

    New, unused Psvane T11 211 tubes

    Bought as a spare pair earlier this year, never used, and now surplus to requirement. They were supplied by Grant Fidelity and, as the certificate shows, are 'premium-grade'. You can order your own from Grant Fidelity for £225 plus VAT and import duty for an all-up cost of circa £290... ...or...