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    JPS pac black 2m power cord

    For Sale  one x 2m  JPS  Pac Black  2m power cable. Absolutely brand new. Boxed.  Factory Fitted with furutech 1363 u.k. mains plug. Taken as a p/x. Cost £900 new.  Will sell for £475 posted.    Please pm if you have any questions.    Thanks.
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    Townshend supertweeters

    For sale one pair of brand new unused untouched boxed townshend supertweeters complete with cables. black finish.   £500 posted.   Please PM if you have any questions.  Thanks.
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    Townshend fractal f1 XLR & RCA interconnects

    I have for sale a 1m pair of brand new unused Townshend fractal f1 XLR interconnects  and 2 pairs of brand new unused 1m pair RCA fractal f1 interconnects. Both have original tins and packaging.   Asking  £400 for the XLRs and  £350 each for the RCAs inc postage.  Highly reviewed cables.