1. W

    Temptation of falling s/h prices but which route?

    Not been on for the longest time, but proper retirement beckons... and with it the prospect of a decent amount of spondoolics to blow.. sorry invest in my aging but loved system. I've always gone for value ,2nd hand or ex-dem, except my 38 year old lp12 , purchased with first pay packet via a...
  2. Antz Davis

    So will it be Keel or TA Phoenix ??????

    Off this morning to @Cymbiosisfor a demo - I want to choose the final Sub Chassis for my deck - choice is either Keel or TA Phoenix rest of the deck is Karsouel, TP Khan, Kore, Ekos SE, Urika, Radikal with DVXX2 cart will post my thoughts -
  3. Thetiminator

    Coherent Systems Bel Canto Upgrades

    Hi guys Asking for a friend of mine who has some Bel Canto monos....I think they’re Ref 1000’s.... Has anyone any experience of the Coherent System upgrades and how did they find the SQ after they’d been upgraded? 
  4. westlower44

    Amplifier Upgrades and general tinkering

    Just wanted to put something Positive out there for a member of this parish, Juancho (David Coe) The upgrade work he carried out to my World Designs Power (300b), Pre and Phono has lifted the system beyond what I had wished for. David provides a reliable, knowledgable cost effective service...