valve amp

  1. B

    My first valve amp has arrived and I need help with the valve placement.

    Hello Lovley Wammers, [EDIT 05/01/2023] If you've come here because you're wondering about valve placement on a Graaf GM50BII, the short version is the manual is correct. From front to back it's KT90 x 4, 6H30 x 2, 4 x 6922. [END] I took delivery of my first valve amp today. Yippie! It's a...
  2. B

    Second hand valve amps and the cost of ownership

    Hello One And All, I'm currently saving my pennies to move from a SS integrated to a valve/tube amp (pre+plus monos or integrated). Of course I'm looking at second hand amps. But what I'm finding with some manufacturers is that it's really hard to understand what replacement tubes/valves cost...
  3. S

    SOLD Audio Innovations Series 300 Mk1 Power Amp

    I'm selling my Audio Innovations Series 300 Mk1 Power Amp. It's in full working order and cosmetically good. Looking for £450. I'm based in London.
  4. bohemian

    SOLD. Manley Stingray for sale. mods please move.

    I lusted after one of these for years and finally sated my lust last year when I purchased this from this very Wam boutique. My intention was putting together a smaller system to take to Kegworth, but as we know that did not materialise and my health has deteriorated to the extent that I can no...
  5. O

    Amp service (ok, repair)

    Hi all For longer than I care to admit I have been meaning to send my Audion Sterling EL34 Integrated down south for repair of the channel selector switch. I have stalled on this not least as am a tad anxious sending it anywhere by courier. A Wammer friend of mine suggested asking whether...
  6. M

    Valve pre and/or power amps for Proac D38?

    Looking for amplification advice for my newly acquired Proac D38 floorstanders. Current class A hybrid amp bought for Quad 63’s is really amazing all round in that combo but despite the superb bass control the hybrid brings to the Proac it is ever so slightly zingy/bright top end. I am now...
  7. M

    Quad ESL63 Valve Amp?

    Loving my recently acquired ESL63 after many years with Martin Logan SL3. Tried the Kora Jupiter valve power amp (wonderful and best of many amps tried with SL3’s) but didn’t match quite so well with ESL63. Also tried an upgraded QUAD 306 and was totally underwhelmed so not feeling great about...
  8. El Seano

    Withdrawn - Leben CS300XS (120V with stepup) and spare valves

    Hi All, Time for a clear out of past gear now I have the time. First up this beautiful leben. Bought here on the wam a fair few years ago and then parked into storage whilst other items were put into play. Same condition as I bought it in. A couple of dings on one side cheek and a small one on...
  9. Open door

    300B Trafomatic Experience Mk2 Integrated valve amp

    300B Trafomatic Experience Mk2 Integrated valve amp Bought this ex-demo. Very good condition but there are some very minor marks. Volume remote control. These now retail over £4K. I have the original box (very very heavy), so collection please in Gloucester. Or we can meet up. Happy to...
  10. W

    FS: Octave V70SE tube amplifier (integrated) + black box, immaculate condition

    Octave V70SE integrated valve amplifier and black box power supply upgrade, both in silver. I may regret this, but I have decided to try active speakers, which means there is now an opportunity to purchase this wonderful tube amplifier. I am the second owner and have enjoyed seven fantastic...
  11. parcelmonkey

    EAR YOSHINO 834 Integrated - For sale

    Reduction on the Wam for this classic beauty, plenty of great reviews on-line and looks great on the hi-fi rack! £1700 - Comes with all documentation, original handbook, original EAR packaging and it had a complete clean up and service by Mr T de Paravicini middle of 2018, some dry solder...
  12. J

    Advice required re 1st valve amp purchase

    Hi,  I am planning to buy my first integrated valve amp preferably with a phono stage. I have a maximum budget of £2k.  I am thinking about a Graaf GM50b mark 2 (no phono),  a Copland CTA 405-A or an Audio Note Oto SE.  I have demoed all 3 over the years and am torn.  My speakers are...
  13. westlower44

    WAD 300b Custom Power Amp, David Coe built

    WAD 300b Custom Clone Power Amp, David Coe built at AD Audio  £2,000   NOW £1800 Well this is a very, very reluctant sale indeed. I bought this beautiful amp from the builder, renowned Valve amp engineer, David Coe (Juancho) at AD Audio. He built the 300b for himself as the bench mark...
  14. Dazzmatic

    Audio Research REF 210 Valve Monoblocks

    Audio Research REF 210 mono block amps for sale.