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    HELP! Stereo Amp Playing in Mono?!?

    Hello Everyone, I got a second hand Graaf GM50bII recently. After purchasing a complete set of new valves, I was listening last night and thought I would try the PS Audio tracks that come with the book The Stereo. There’s a couple of tracks that have Paul saying “This is the left channel” &...
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    My first valve amp has arrived and I need help with the valve placement.

    Hello Lovley Wammers, [EDIT 05/01/2023] If you've come here because you're wondering about valve placement on a Graaf GM50BII, the short version is the manual is correct. From front to back it's KT90 x 4, 6H30 x 2, 4 x 6922. [END] I took delivery of my first valve amp today. Yippie! It's a...
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    Graaf GM 50B Mk2 Intergrated

    Hello Everyone, I've just purchased a second hand GM50BII. This is my first valve amp. I'd like to know if anyone has any experence owning one of these? It will be used with an AudioByte Hadra Vox DAC as the source. Speakers are Volti Vittora. Best regards, Beefheart.
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    Second hand valve amps and the cost of ownership

    Hello One And All, I'm currently saving my pennies to move from a SS integrated to a valve/tube amp (pre+plus monos or integrated). Of course I'm looking at second hand amps. But what I'm finding with some manufacturers is that it's really hard to understand what replacement tubes/valves cost...
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    Valve amp Eagle SA-200 need service

    Hi there, This is my first post here. I recently bought valve amp. Eagle SA-200. Not much about this amp. in web. Amp not been used by more than 10 years.  Amplifier need service. It's nice small amp which I would like to restore, but I don't know nobody who could take care of this amp...
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    VAC Auricle Musicblocs, 70W Monoblock Valve Amplifiers

    VAC Auricle Musicbloc Valve monoblock amplifiers. Fully serviced, and boxed, in superb condition. £1550 plus postage or collected from SE London.Wonderful sounding 70W per channel valve monos designed to get the clarity of 300B amps with the power and authority of KT88s. These can use KT88...