van damme

  1. chrisph

    SOLD Van Damme Blue Speaker Cable 4.0mm Approx. 15.5m in length (Price reduced)

    For Sale:  VD Blue Series approx 15.5m in length un-terminated. Studio grade UPOFC Classic Pro cable 2x4.0mm, Twin Axial. PRICE: £40 which is approx £3/m plus postage (£8.99 as quite heavy) or collection from near Portsmouth. Cheapest I could find on eBay for new was £5/m Approx 10years old...
  2. TheFlash

    SOLD: PRICE DROP Furutech FP-202G (2 x4) and/or Van Damme 6mm UP-LCOFC 5m pair

    Used for a few hours but now I have active speakers in the main rig it seems a waste to have these sitting around. Two sets of four Gold Furutech FP-202G locking "piggyback" banana plugs with original boxes, and 2 x 5m Van Damme UP-LCOFC 6mm speaker cables, attached by the double screws rather...
  3. julesd68

    Van Damme Blue 6mm studio grade speaker cable

    I have Van Damme Blue Studio grade speaker cable for sale. It's the 6mm stuff - very thick but flexible ... One length 2m, one 2.5m, both terminated in banana plugs, in excellent condition. £38 delivered.  Paypal gift please.