1. B

    SOLD Shure V15 Cartridge (with or without stylus)

    Hello there! I am looking to buy a Shure V15 Cart to go with my first turntable. I am UK based. Would seem a type III, type IV or type V would best (happy to be told otherwise by someone who knows about these things as I am only basing this on internet searching) Can be with or without...
  2. dhansak

    XLR interconnects for Gold Note PH-10 to Moon 340i

    As the subject suggests, does anyone have anything high quality kicking around in a drawer? Anything from 1m or more will work. Thanks Daniel
  3. V

    Speaker Stands

    WANTED Suitable for speakers with a 35cm wide and 30cm deep footprint and around 20-30cm high thanks
  4. V

    Speaker Stands

    Suitable for speakers with a 35cm wide and 30cm deep footprint and around 20-30cm high thanks
  5. M

    Wanted: Cyrus PreXP or better and CDi. Silver please.

    Hello All Finally got my study finished and wanting to get a 2nd system set up using some surplus Cyrus shoeboxes.    Looking for silver Preamp (preferably XP or better), CDi and maybe a power supply. Also consider a transport only.    Up near Dundee, but happy to travel or call on...
  6. kruppers

    WANTED: Ortofon ST-7 transformer (no longer required)

    Looking to buy. Whammers - what you got? London based
  7. philb36

    SOLD ……

    As title im in surrey anything considered…
  8. W

    Rothwell In-Line Attenuators - RCA -20dB

    Before ordering new, I just want to ask if anyone has a pair of these currently not in use?
  9. C

    Proac CC2 Centre Speaker

    Looking for an old large Proac CC2 centre speaker. Any finish or condition ok.
  10. andreweast

    WANTED: Bi-wire speaker cables

    I'm looking for a pair of bi-wire of at least 3m length, preferably a bit longer (4m would be great, but 3.5 would be ok too). I've had a pair of Van Damme Black to start with, but I'd like to try something higher up the food chain to see what benefits it may bring.
  11. N

    [WANTED] I'm looking for an Oppo 205 Audiocom Signature Edition

    As the title states - I'm looking for an Oppo 205 with the Audicom Signature upgrade. I have an Oppo 105 Audiocom Signature and I'd like to upgrade to the 205 equivalent. I noticed that I missed one by six months on this forum, so hoping someone else is looking to sell too. That one went for...
  12. wholesome

    WTD: Ian Canada IsolatorPi II or similar for Raspberry Pi

    I'm on the lookout for an isolator that will work between a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Ropieee set to "Raspberry Pi DAC (I2S)", so 24/192 max, and this very silly R-2R DAC HAT I've got. I'm interested in anything else that might work, but I don't think the Allo Isolator can provide power up the...
  13. wHIZZY

    Wanted - Valve preamp - Thanks All but now sorted

    Wanted excellent sounding valve preamp  It it has a MM Phono stage then even better. What do you have tucked away in the deepest depths of your cupboards? Thanks  Dave
  14. Jules_S

    Wanted: David Bowie - Look at the Moon 3 x LP

    As-per the title really - listened to this on Youtube recently and thought it excellent, Looking for a new & sealed or mint copy. eBay prices seem to start at £60 inc postage so anything under that a bonus.
  15. ProJules

    Wanted Auralic Ares G1

    London, uk
  16. E

    Wanted - sleeved nut or VTA adjuster

    Wanted - a Rega sleeved nut.  These now seem impossible to find, I've contacted several dealers and even "bought" one off ebay that never appeared. Or if you have an unused VTA adjuster I'll buy that as I can use the arm (upper) part the reverse way and use it as a locknut. I'm fitting a RB300...
  17. R


    Can anyone help me out with a Naim Narcom  4 or 5 remote control please.   Please pm if you can.    Thanks.
  18. bencat

    Small Bookshelf Speakers

    I am putting a very small system together for my Niece who lives in Ibiza . Elena is not interersted in equipment at all so has left it to me. I thought I had the system fixed with a Nobosound Amplifier and a pair of JBL Control 1 speakers that i already had stored. However when I get the JBL...
  19. Mr.Ian

    WTD Hypex NC400 mono blocks

    looking to try class D any one got a pair of Hypex NC400 mono blocks for sale? 
  20. bencat

    Wanted cheap either Quad 405 or Trio Basic 1M

    I am looking for a cheap power amplifier to complete my Monitor Audio Active project . I need to have two matching power amplifiers for my own peace of mind and to not have to adjust the gain for each amplifier. I already have a Quad 405 and a Trio Basic 1 M power amplifier and I am looking to...