1. julesd68

    SOLD Wireworld Stratus 5.2 Power Conditioning Mains Cable 1.9m

    Wireworld Stratus 5.2 Power Conditioning Cord Mains Cable - 1.9 metre Noise filtering design with OCC copper, original factory terminations. £55 delivered.
  2. Audinista

    SOLD: WireWorld Electra 5.2 Power Cord

    SOLD Wireworld Electra 5.2 Power Cord    2 m.  UK plug, IEC 15A, factory terminated, OCC copper,  flexible and easy to use.    £99 +p&p or Collection from Richmond, Surrey.  (Current RRP for the newer 2 m version of Electra is £360.)
  3. daveyu

    2 Wireworld Starlight 2m Cat 8 Ethernet cables

    1 Wireworld Starlight 2m Cat 8 Ethernet cable great cable in very good condition, £180
  4. Audinista

    SOLD: Wireworld Starlight 7 USB 2.0 A-B cable

    SOLD Wireworld Starlight 7 USB 2.0 A to B cable, 0.5 m, as new, boxed. £40 + p. Purchased new this March and quickly upgraded to Silver Starlight that is 4 times more expensive.  It is a very good USB cable for the price, I had several under £100 , and this one is in a different league imho...
  5. JollyRaja

    Cables galore!!

    I have a lot of cables from the last 13 years of hi-fi improvements I need to move on. All in one post at the moment. I will separate out and add photos at a later date. All in excellent condition unless otherwise mentioned. I'm happy to explain why I'm selling them and what I've upgraded to...
  6. Natara

    Wireworld Matrix Unfiltered Star Earthed

    Hi I'm after a Wireworld Matrix distribution block or any unfiltered star earthed distribution I think Atlas do one too an Eos? I have just purchased a powerline and want to connect it to the unfiltered block and see what differnce that will have upon the whole system. PM me. Kind Regards