1. B

    FS: Yamaha A-S2100 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

    Stunning Yamaha A-S2100 Integrated Amplifier in black/piano black.    I'm the original owner and the Amplifier was purchased around two and a half years ago.    In pristine condition and full working order. From smoke and pet free home. Warranty until 15-06-2023.   Looking for £1500.   Sale due...
  2. T

    Yamaha NS-1000 Speakers. Ebony Veneer

    Yamaha NS-1000 Speakers. Ebony Veneer On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-NS-1000-Speakers-Ebony-Veneer/303226201323?
  3. T

    YAMAHA A-2000a power amplifier

    YAMAHA A-2000a power amplifier On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/YAMAHA-A-2000a-power-amplifier/273624583020?
  4. Shakey_Studioincar

    Yamaha CD-S2000

    Yamaha CD-S2000 SACD Bought from here a while back now and it’s been sat with its just as capable associated Integrated amplifier the AS2000 (also for sale) playing wonderfully with all of my speakers. It’s from my main system, which unfortunately since we’ve moved to be in catchment of a...
  5. Shakey_Studioincar

    Yamaha AS-2000

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Yamaha AS2000 Integrated Amplifier Owned this for a while now, this and the matching CD-S2000 (also for sale) are or have been my go to system, running any speaker I’ve thrown at it. My recent house move to a location within school catchment has left me without space...
  6. Shakey_Studioincar

    Yamaha ns1000m

    Yamaha NS1000M In an ideal world I’d just wrap these up and keep them in a loft somewhere forever, or at least until I move again to a place where I can have them in full time commission. I may well still do. They’re unfortunately at work at the moment, and the more time goes on and I see them...
  7. graham67

    Review of Yamaha NS-1000

    There is a good review of the classic Yamaha NS-1000 in the Retro section this months Dec 2016 issue of Hi-Fi Choice. It recommends using strong smooth transistor power for the best results.  This perfectly sums up the experience of listening to Baggawires Yams driven by a Modwright KW200.  The...
  8. HoopsOnToast

    Charity Sale (2) - Yamaha DVD-S1700

    I have been using this excellent DVD player, mainly as a transport for a little while now but having just bought a Rega Apollo its now surplas to requirements. I have decided to clear out a few bits of my own (some more hifi bits to come) that I have lying around now and will be donating the...