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The Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones Bose QC25

Taking over for a legend is never easy, and with 30 odd years of pioneering research behind it, Bose’s QC15 was just that. So it’s no small feat that the QC25 has replaced the old timer with upgraded tech, better audio skills, and more style to boot.

That said, Bose’s wired flagship takes the prize for one reason and one reason only: superior noise cancellation technology over the competition. The QC25 is full of Bose’s latest noise killers. The cans offer a new emphasis on low frequencies thanks to more microphones, both inside and outside the earcups, along with a new chip which cancels noise within “a fraction of a millisecond.”

What all that means to you is not only better noise cancelling, but also more comprehensive cancellation across a wider spectrum of sound. Of course, you still won’t be able to kill every sonic nuisance around you, but Bose gets closer than anybody else.

Alternatives: Want to go wireless? Bose also offers the QC35, which cuts the strings for $50 more. And while $350 may seem like a lot for travel cans, both headsets best Sennheiser’s new $400 PXC 550. Speaking of Sennheiser, the PXC 550 may not cancel noise quite as well as the Bose, but they do offer better audio performance, so if you don’t mind adding on another C-note, they’re a great option as well.

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