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The Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo


Realizing the Dream

  • Genuine Arabesque performance at a more affordable price level.
  • New Natural Science crossover topology.
  • New cabinet material allows cost effective construction.
  • Mono-crystal silver internal wiring and WBT silver terminals.
  • Range of matt and high gloss cabinet finishes.


Crystal’s new baby takes the elegant Arabesque shape to new heights. It’s curvaceous cabinet and stunning finishes are beautiful to behold – but in this case, beauty really is more than skin deep.


The Cabinet

In a perfect world the only parts of a loudspeaker you’d hear would be the energy generated by the drive units. But we don’t live in a perfect world and conventional loudspeakers face a constant battle to eliminate the sound of their cabinets, contained air mass and crossovers from the musical equation. Most enclosures rely on damping to prevent resonance and standing waves, but they tend to simply slow and spread the unwanted energy, blurring detail and limiting dynamics. The Arabesque cabinet shape was developed specifically to minimize these problems, using advanced Comsol mechanical and gas dynamic modeling software. The non-symmetrical shape eliminates parallel walls and common dimensions, resulting in natural resonant decay without resorting to damping materials.

The design takes another step forward in the elegant shape of the Minissimo. The paneled construction of the original Arabesque speakers was sonically and musically effective, but incredibly time consuming and costly to manufacture. The goal of the Minissimo was to make true Arabesque performance available at a more approachable price. The solution came through clever engineering that changed the cost structure. Adopting a one-piece cabinet construction, milled from a solid block of resin/metal matrix material is itself a costly process, but dramatically reduces the time necessary for assembly. At the same time it not only finally reveals the true beauty of the Arabesque shape, but also allows us to further optimize cabinet performance with its progressive curves and total control over cabinet wall thickness.

The Crossover

There are those that believe that crossovers are the root of all evil in loudspeaker design – and with good reason. Although crossover slopes are generally considered in terms of their effect on the frequency domain, they also disturb time and phase relationships within the music – distortions to which the human ear is super sensitive. To make a crossover sonically and musically invisible we needed to tailor the frequency response but also eliminate phase errors. Extensive research has resulted in the Natural Science crossover, a new topology that offers non-reactive electrical characteristics along with significantly improved phase linearity and rhythmic articulation, more realistic harmonic and spatial reproduction.




The Complete Picture

The best design in the world can still be undermined by poor execution. Just as much care has gone into the selection of parts and materials as we invested in the design of the Minissimo. The cabinet material delivers remarkable mechanical precision and performance and the hard-wired crossover employs huge air-cored inductors, precision silver-oil capacitors and pure graphite resistors. The carefully selected drivers provide incredible power handling and low compression. Combined, the result is a sound that defies the diminutive dimensions of the speaker. Seamless bandwidth and speed of response delivers the musical scale, dynamic impact and drama that you’d associate with much larger designs. The harmonic detail and instrumental texture, intimacy and natural sense of space remind you what makes small speakers so special.




Natural Science for Human Hearing

Picture 1751

The Arabesque Minissimo by Crystal Cable is available in 3 standard colors

(Pearl White, Solar Orange & Aquamarine Blue. Slight colour deviation may occur).

UK retail price: £9,998.00


Technical details

 Drivers                                    1x 25mm Beryllium Dome
1x 150mm Laminated Paper Cone
Bandwidth                              48Hz – 38kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity                               86dB/1W/1m
Impedance                             8 Ohms nominal (7 Ohms minimum)
THD                                        <0.3%
Dimensions (with stand):    L96 x W30 x D25 (cm)
Dimensions packaging:       L103 x W37 x D33 (cm)


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