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The Fall – The Re-Mit a review

The Fall
It seems like minutes since the last Fall release, a life time in Fall terms. Mark E Smith has released as many albums as he has upset and abandoned band members. The frankly degenerate alcoholic annoys and delights in equal measure. Rarely does a Fall album do anything but. “Your future our clutter” is one of the few exceptions to the rule, being utterly gob smackingly brilliant from beginning to end it’s either seen as a high water mark or a low ebb depending on how sado-masochistic your musical tastes are..

The latest effort “The Re-Mit” – reviewed here prior to its scheduled June release – can probably be regarded as a return to form, in as much as its something of a Curate’s Egg. Like any good Fall album it is deep, brooding, ranting and damn near incomprehensible. Yet it retains that almost irresistible sound that Fall heads (like me) love so much. There’s a driving energy to everything, the hookyesque low slung bass drive on Hittite man (track 5) has everything a Fall fan could dream of. Track 11 “Jam Song” is totally out there. My kids cover their ears, it’s too much and in some ways not enough. A pleasing irritant, I have no way of describing. It is beautiful and grotesque all at once – sweet and sour is not a strong enough analogy. I suppose you have to be able to enjoy a little pain with your fun to really get it.

My copy arrived on vinyl and the audiophools will be pleased to hear it’s a clean and open recording with little left out, there’s dynamism and thankfully it’s not all been mastered on “loud”. It’s a fun recording actually and, Mr Munich Show, with your £450k speakers, come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough. This will sort the men from the boys.

In short, this is one for Fall fans, it won’t convert many but then the best Fall stuff never does. It rocks. It rants. It drinks. It smokes. It fucks. It rubs the lotion on its skin. It falls over drunk and sleeps for a week. It wakes up with a nose bleed. It’s The Fall. You either get it or you don’t, numb nuts. I do. I love it.

If you want a copy on Vinyl, drop me a PM on the forum and I’ll work out a price with shipping that won’t take the wotsit..

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