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The last word in connectivity..

McIntosh Laboratory introduces the C2500 – a super-flexible 15-input preamp that combines contemporary technology with the core values of the iconic brand

McIntosh Laboratory, the global leader in high-performance home entertainment systems for over 60 years, has launched the new C2500 – an advanced valve preamp with an incredible 15 inputs. Designed to offer unrivalled flexibility with both digital and analogue source components, the new C2500’s input complement includes two dedicated phono inputs (MM and MC) and five digital inputs, with D/A decoding at up to 32-bit/192kHz resolution.

The C2500 sells for £7,495 and is available now.

The five-strong digital input suite in the McIntosh Digital Engine includes two coaxial and two assignable optical inputs at 24-bit/192kHz resolution, plus a dedicated asynchronous USB 2.0 input operating at up to 32-bit. The preamp’s analogue inputs include six line-level, two balanced, plus the aforementioned Moving Magnet and (adjustable) Moving Coil inputs. The C2500 also includes McIntosh’s new internal High Drive headphone amplifier, which offers increased gain and output power, optimising it for virtually every headphone type.

The highly flexible C2500 combines McIntosh’s legendary tube pre-amplifier circuitry with a full compliment of inputs to bring the classic McIntosh sound to a wide range of digital and analogue ancillary components. The preamp has been carefully designed to offer the sonic qualities of valves, plus a strong measured performance.
Internally, the C2500’s power supply, digital and control circuitry has been isolated from the analogue section and the C2500 boasts the best measured performance of any single-chassis McIntosh tube pre-amplifier.

The C2500 contains six high-quality dual-triode tubes (12AX7A) and further features include assignable tone controls (as needed), and the ability to connect up to three power amplifiers, two of which can be switched on and off for simple multiroom configurations. A Home Theatre Pass Through feature also allows for seamless integration into existing multichannel home theatre systems.
Unveiled at CES 2013, the new C2500 is perfectly suited to exploiting the full potential of today’s digital devices, while delivering the legendary McIntosh sound quality across a wide number of source components. Like all McIntosh products, the C2500 is handcrafted in the Binghamton, NY factory and boasts classic 1950s styling with contemporary features and technology.

C2500 preamplifier specifications

Distortion 0.08%
Frequency response (+0, -3db) 10Hz to 100kHz
Maximum output voltage (balanced/unbalanced) 16/8V rms
Input impedance (balanced/unbalanced) 44kohm, 22kohm
Phono voltage gain 60dB
High level voltage gain 15db
Signal to noise ratio 100db
Headphone output (High Drive) 6.35mm
Inputs unbalanced 6x stereo, 2x phono
Inputs balanced 2x stereo
Phono inputs MM and MC (both adjustable)
Variable outputs unbalanced 3x stereo
Variable outputs balanced 3x stereo
Digital USB input 1x 2.0, 32-bit/192k asynchronous
Digital S/PDIF inputs 2x Opt., 2x Coax, 24-bit/192k
Input level match +/- 6dB
Tone controls Bass and treble
Output type Valve, 6x 12AX7a
RS232 control Included, 9-pin
Power control output 1x main, 2x switched, 2x trigger
Rear panel data ports 8x
Rear panel IR sensor input 1x
Dimensions (WxHxD) 44.45×19.37cmx45.72cm
Weight 13.8kg

Price and availability

The C2500 sells for £7,495 and is available now.



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