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Doobie Brothers – The Warner Bros. Years 1971-1983 CD Box Set Review

I was introduced to the Doobies by their first greatest hits “Best of the Doobies” in 1977 so I haven’t listened to the albums previous to that & I have looked forward to hearing them for the first time doing this review of their comprehensive box set of ten albums ranging from 1971 to 1983.

The boxset is simply a cardboard box with the 10 CDs in cardboard picture sleeves with original artwork which makes the written word on the back almost unreadable with the naked eye.

There is also no booklet, which is a missed opportunity to provide the customer with background information on the band, as well as a summary of each album.

Lets get to the music starting with the first album which is self titled & I have found myself going back to the most; it is mainly accustic accompanied with the polished vocals they are famous for makes for a great introduction to the band. Moving on to “Toulouse Street” a more mixed bag in that the combination of acoustic & electric plus maybe better production makes it great to listen too, A similar theme is followed for the next few albums very polished musicians & combined vocalists doing their best to entertain.

The standout album & my favourite so no surprise is “Livin’On the Faultline” which features superbly crafted tracks like “Echoes of Love” & the cover of “Nothin’But A Heartache” and make for a really good rock/pop album.

Moving on to the following two albums & keeping a slightly jazz funky kind of eighties vibe that the “Faultline” had, the Doobies still seem to be having great fun making their own special brand of rock music which is infectious to say the least and just carries you along with it.

Finally a “Farewell Tour” Live album  demonstrates how damn good this band are at what they do with all the best tracks being put down with the same energy & musical skill they have shown for over a decade. 65 minutes of The Doobies struttin’ their stuff;
it’s brilliant.

In conclusion I would recommend this boxset to anyone who likes good music not just Doobies fans this is worth a punt (It retails for around £30 for 10 albums, or put another way, £3 per album). it is a bunch of musicians/singers who have ploughed their own furrow in the music scene & deserve all the worldwide accolades they have received over the years.

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