Acoustic Blockchain - a diy guide for a versatile acoustic folding screen


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Jun 6, 2022
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I'd like to present diy-instructions for versatile acoustic folding screen called Acoustic Blockchain.
Originally this blockchain was developed to be used in Finnish Hifi events by a Finnish hifi association Hifiharrastajat ry which usually means hotel rooms with minimal acoustic treatment. I guess it's same in the UK hifi events.
It had to be light weight, no breaking parts, acoustic material is safe i.e. nothing to breath into your lungs, no injuries if it falls over, easy to transport,
easy to relocate in room where most effective, usable as a bass trap and effective against room echo/reflections and above all simple to make.
As a bonus it is 100% recyclable.
The Acoustic Blockchain is versatile and easily portable acoustic folding screen made from upholstered acoustic panels.
It has many possible uses:
  • open offices/studios
  • home acoustics (children's rooms, home office, hifi listening spaces etc.)
  • music rehearsal spaces
  • etc.

It can be used as permanent or temporary solution as it can easily be folded away (and even put under the bed) when not
needed releasing usable room space for other activities. Very high SAF-value.
This gives you an option to have acoustic treatment in front of windows, doors etc. during critical listening. Also it is easy to find the most effective place for acoustic treatment as you can easily relocate it during listening/making room acoustic measurements.

Direct link to the guide at Acoustic Blockchain
The attached Acoustic_Blockchain_improvements.pdf contains few ideas on how to possibly improve the original design.
Material used is polyester wool with density of 22kg/m3.


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